15 Mind-Blowing Exercise Games That Make Kids Active

Parents, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this…


We were more active during our youth than our digital counterparts!

Being an older adult, I’m certain that you’ve had moments or two when you’ve wondered if your child was doing enough exercise or not.


But don’t worry! We’ll give you some new and innovative exercises to play at at-home!

With the increasing use in screens, it’s a difficult task to convince kids to keep away from electronic devices. It can be a challenge to allow them to enjoy themselves.


Let’s explore some thrilling games and games that can be enjoyed by your child in order to keep their physical activity in check.


Exercise games are fun and can be played both indoor and outdoor amusements, so take the patience to take a look!

A list of fifteen Mind Blowing Exercise Games


#1.Table Tennis

It is a great idea to buy tables for tennis to play indoors it’s a good alternative.

A small space could be used for table tennis. Because it requires running, it’s an excellent opportunity to get fit.


#2. Obstacle course

It’s a great way to exercise!


If you’ve ever watched a television reality show, you’ll know the things I’m talking about. Use furnitureand chalk to draw a path which runs from the inside of your home and out to beyond your garden , or even the hallway.


Add challenges to the course. There is the possibility to include an obstacle that needs to be solved or a large space that must be crossed without contacting the floor.


#3. Hunt!

It could be outside or inside!


Find a way to hunt across an area or maybe just inside your own home.

Place food or toys around the room in various locations and begin your child’s adventure at the beginning.


Each place must be equipped with an enumeration plan that has been written to be completed in the next. If you can ensure that your spaces are properly distinct, your kids will have the greatest satisfaction from it.


#4. Gardening

Simple tasks like gardening are excellent for kids’ exercise. If you don’t have a gardening space, get some pots, a few inches of sapling, as well as some mud. Let your children fill the pots brimming with mud!


#5. Dance!

The most simple and fun way to add some excitement to your cardio routine.

Turn on some tunes or take a bite of healthy, nutritious snacks , and gather your children’s classmates!


Now is the time to organize a dance party. It is also great time as a family-friendly activity with your kids.


#6. Walk

If you have pets, you can split the routine with them by walking. If you don’t, think about going for walks at the parks or taking a trip to the grocery store instead of driving the car. Try as much walking that you are able to with your kids.


#7. Hula Hooping

Children, for whatever reason, are awed by hoops!

Let your kids play with the hula hoops and start playing hooping. Learn to do it. We guarantee that they will not have enough.


#8. Don’t let it get away!

We’ve seen the rage that our kids throw, haven’t they? What if I told you that requiring them to unleash these outbursts when being happy can benefit both physically and psychologically?


It might sound crazy but when people run, kick and scream, it’s evident that they’re exhausted due to the volume of energy that they’ve expended.

They can also release all their bottled-up anger and emotion without ever realizing that they’re doing it.


#9. Follow the leader

If you’re a fan of in this sport, then you’ll be taking the lead and it’s the most effective way to gain the most effective exercise for your kids. Make sure you incorporate jumping jacks, jumps running, kicks, and much more.


#10. Tag

It’s a simple game in which you chase your children. If you see someone being caught and they are caught, they have to play the chase. It’s a great, exercise that is old-fashioned.


#11. Capture The Flag

It is a timeless game that will keep your children amused and engaged for a prolonged time. Bring your children’s friends together and take them to a vast area with plenty of places for them to go away.


Divide the two teams and each team gets the flag they’d need to protect, and will need the other group to be able to locate.

If someone is spotted by a member of the opposing team on their property the player is placed in a time-out position for several minutes until teammates are located in the dirt.


#12. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is an excellent game we can playing inside (using the floor tile to draw) and outdoors (with markers on sidewalks or pavement). The hopscotch course can be made more exciting and challenging for your kids to keep them amused and engaged by the endless running and jumping.

#13. Twister

We’ve seen the game of the twister mat in a variety of toy stores and websites. It’s the ideal indoor fitness game for children, which is why it’s an excellent option to buy it.


It is an obvious form of physical exercise. You can organize races that include an award for your child as well as your classmates in a backyard or in the vicinity of your house.

Find a method of organizing the type of race you would like to participate in. There is a way to hold tri-legged races or an all-legged race the crab walk race and so on.

Don’t forget about the traditional race, which involves deciding the line to finish that’s small distance away, and any route can be used to get there to determine who will take home the prize. A jump rope (skipping rope) races are great in that they give you the best leg workout and an aerobic exercise!

#15. Pop, pop, pop!

Inspired by some simple games at parties, all you have to accomplish is blow bubbles in the yard and then get your child to have fun with them.

Another option is to not let the balloon go to the floor (without holding it for more than one second) at the same time) and obviously.

Take a break with your kid, and choose among these fun games for them to enjoy!


If you follow these rules with care, in the end your children will enjoy being active and engaging in physical activities.

The way to do this is to make the time doing these exercises fun as you can. Your kids will be attracted to these games and eventually will be excited to participate in these games.

It is important to be excited about this if that’s the kind of person you wish the children of yours to turn out to be. If it’s an exercise at the backyard or in the house it could be an excellent way of bonding with your kids or having fun with your kids’ peers.

It is also helpful in demonstrating the importance of exercising starting at a young age and continuing to your children. It is crucial to communicate the reasons why exercise is important.

Did you not get to participate in one of your children’s exercise routines? Comment below and let us know which games you’ve tried in your home!


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