5 Effective Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are quite common. The feelings of sinus infection are disastrous and uncomfortable because while experiencing this condition you feel that your nose is running like a faucet. Additionally, your head may feel like a vice.

The symptoms of sinus infections are similar to the common cold. However, the big difference between these both is how much longer their symptoms last. Usually, the symptoms of sinus infections last for not more than ten days. But if infections are severe, then they may last for twelve weeks.

People tend to use different antibiotics at the initial levels of infections. According to the ENT doctor Karachi, it is not the best idea to consume antibiotics at the start of the infection because these infections will get better on their own.

In addition, antibiotics will also not help if smoke or airborne irritation are the main culprits behind these infections. However, many things you can do to speed up the recovery from sinus infections.

Home Remedies for Sinus Infections

Here are home remedies for sinus infections that will effectively work for most people:

1- Heat Up Your Face

Warming or steaming up your face is the best and most effective home remedy for sinus infection and you can also moisturize your sinus passageways.

Doctors believe that when you inhale the steam or heat up your face there is a smoothness in the sinus tissues, this effect helps to clear out the passages a little bit.

For heating your face, you can stand in the shower or enjoy a warm bath in the bathtub. In addition, you can soak a clean cloth in warm water and can put it on your face while lying on the bed or before sleeping.

Many people boil water in an electric pot or in the cauldron on the stove and then they take it off. After that, they place a towel on their head and bend on the cauldron to take the steam. While getting steam through this way, you need not bring your nose too close to the cauldron and you have to close your eyes.

When the liquid cools, you can remove the towel from your head and take a little walk.

Inhaling steam from hot water with eucalyptus will also help because eucalyptus possesses antiseptic properties that can be helpful in relieving nasal congestion. However, inhaling eucalyptus oil will not be effective for some people because they are sensitive to it and the inhalation can worsen the symptoms of sinus infections.

2- Yoga can also be Effective

Yoga can also play an effective role in reducing the severity of sinus infections. So if you are in the midst of sinus infections, different poses of yoga, where your head is elevated, will help your feel much better. While performing yoga poses, you also don’t have to put extra pressure on the sinuses.

You can follow different poses like you can put pillows or a blanket under your back and lie for some. Additionally, you can also reach a yoga expert to get more information about the best yoga poses that you can do at home for elevating sinus infections.

3- Mint Juice with Nettles

Consuming mint juice with nettles is also an effective home remedy for reducing sinus infections caused by different allergies.

The mixture of mint and nettles possesses anti-inflammatory. These properties will play a role in reducing sinus irritation as well as in eliminating secretions.

It is essential to know the ingredients of mint juice. You can take nettle leaves, mint, coconut water as well as eucalyptus honey to prepare a good juice. You can boil nettle leaves first in the kettle and then grand these leaves with mint, honey, and coconut water.

To get effective results against sinus infections, you can consume this mixture two times a day between meals.

Some people use nettle leaves in the mixture without boiling but it is not a good idea. Using these leaves without cooking can cause allergic reactions which can worsen the symptoms instead of reducing sinus infections.

4- Consuming Liquids

When you consume liquids, whether juices or water, it helps to moisturize the sinuses and you feel a lot better. Additionally, it will also help to decrease the thickness of mucus and it will flow out more easily.

Doctors say not drinking enough water worse the symptoms of sinus infections. Therefore, people need to consume a healthy amount of water every day to effectively reduce sinus infections.

5- Saffron Tea

Saffron is packed with curcumin which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The consumption of saffron tea helps to reduce inflammatory symptoms and there is also a reduction in pressure on the face.

You can take a tablespoon of saffron and boil it in some water to make delicious tea as saffron has a good fragrance and awesome taste.

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