5 Popular Digital Apps Services you can Sell Online

Long years ago, the internet was born. It was new, fresh, and fragile. But who knew it would outdo every “tech” thing in performance. Indeed, in the modern age, we exist; there’s nothing like it? – absolutely, not even close! Online cyberspace is now known for its avant-garde approach and universal versatility. Today, no machine or gadget can have a use or value if it lacks internet connectivity.

Unquestionably, it was one of the biggest inventions by man for humankind. It’s a technological marvel and phenomenal in every aspect. But today, if we consider yesterday’s internet with its current harbinger – it was raw. During those times, the least we expected from the internet was tangible services, business software websites, and leisure-snacking online games.

Today, the internet has become one of a kind; it has its style, characteristics, niceties, and use. Every tech-oriented thing and machine has greatly evolved thanks to the digital revolution. In this day and age, even services that aren’t tangible can sell for substantial amounts. That’s crazy if we envisage the former days when only physical stuff had a price. But today, it’s about an item’s popularity – and demand worldwide. Mobile app development services, for instance, are the bestsellers owing to billions of smartphone users around the globe.

Digital services are selling for millions and billions of dollars every day. It’s crazy to imagine that untouchables now have a fiscal face. Now, these run businesses and bestow prosperity on folks and families. Below are the best seven digital services you can sell online and earn good bucks:


Did you know that your writings have value if they’re full of knowledge, knack, and conviction? Yes, you heard it right. Every word you jot and every phrase you dot in your writings are priceless, i.e., could help you catch a healthy sweepstake. Indeed, eBooks have been a game-changer for many looking to earn good cash quickly. The biggest reason why eBook writing is the most popular digital product is its ‘zero investment’ trait. Besides, it’s all in your head that you have to squeeze out smartly and convert it into good money.

Furthermore, eBooks are likable for both parties – sellers and buyers. The former is a person who is an expert writer or runs a ghostwriting agency with a team of diligent writers. The latter are people who desire to write a book but lack the skills to do it. Or they’re someone with a larger-than-life philosophical notion (idea) in mind. Thus, requesting to manifest that awe-inspiring inkling into a full-scale digital copy – an eBook, and share it with the world. Undeniably, eBook has the full right to stay in the top no.1 spot of present-day digital services.

Academic Courses

Next on our list is also something that has to do with writing but with an institutional endorsement. We cannot thank the internet enough for this surprising contribution to making students’ lives scholastically achievable. Besides, e-learning has become a life-sized domain now. Students from different nations who couldn’t enroll in top-rank colleges and universities are switching to award-winning courses. The best part of these educational diplomas is that they’re most contributions by eminent teachers of prestigious institutions.

Since online courses are a relatively new type of digital service amid recent growing popularity, they’re specific to match students’ requirements. Different course types also help enthusiastic educationists to pick the ones that suit them best. Below are some main ones:

  • One-off course
  • Course Collection (often with a certificate, degree, or reward conferred upon the course’s completion)
  • Student’s subscription or membership to a number of courses of a particular subject/niche

MasterClass, Coursera, SkillShare, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, edX, and Udacity are famous course platforms online. Besides, retired teachers also provide services to students on a strict budget. We recommend Coursera if you want to excel in the academic domain. Udemy and MasterClass are the best if you want to nail down excellence for a particular skill.

Remember, pursuing college degrees and skill certification online benefits students incredibly. Flexibility and self-learning convenience are the topmost advantages. Other perks include at-home learning, written than verbal, and connections with likable teachers/students during course sessions. Last but not least, these courses are no joke as they teach you real-time skills for a particular subject(s).


Like we told you earlier that the internet in its early stages was all about trading hardware – furniture, electronics, silverware, clothes, shoes, etc. But now, the software is rising and shining with full effect.

Certainly, the IT industry is progressing rapidly. Thus, increasing the demand for software-centric programs and problem-solving applications. Who knew that one day programmers could convert their codes into cash? That’s exactly what’s happening today. The most common types of software are as follows:

  • Windows programs
  • IT expert expediency software
  • Arts & Music software(s)
  • Project Management Apps
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • Web-based Apps
  • Mac Apps
  • Linux Programs
  • iPhone Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Video games


Ever since the rise of social media, learning photography has become a sideline career for every professional. It’s absurd to think that snapping mere photos would require learning stature standing styles, camera positions, hand gestures, an array of lenses, and whatnot. We can assume that the painter’s dream today is to take the perfect photos.

Since millions of people publish and post photos on stock image sites and social media, photography services have boomed. Besides, stock photo websites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Fotalia, EyEm, Adobe Stock, and BigStockPhoto are already buying photos. So, why not learn photography and earn good cash for every snap? Keep in mind the following photo formats that are sellable:

  • Digital copies only
  • Small picture prints
  • Large canvas photos
  • Novelty items (t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc.) with images

 Graphic Art Bundles

Good news if you’re a graphic designer. You can easily sell cool artworks online in return for hefty cash. You can create an assortment of different graphics and sell them to people. But, if you want to earn respect and fame and make your mark, we recommend you sell them to graphic art websites. DesignCuts, GraphicRiver, DesignCrowd, Hatchwise, Art Web, and Designhill are great places to sell your work.

The best graphic bundles that sell well are as below:

  • Banners
  • Backgrounds
  • Textures
  • Overlays
  • Clipart
  • Fonts
  • Stencils
  • Woodcuts
  • Shapes


The above five captions only consist of a few drops of the glass full of water. Some digital services are droplets, while others are gulps. Online consultancy and digital media licensing services are the two good guzzles here. Other significant digital practices you can go with include podcast services, printable merch, pattern designing, data research, tutorial/online guides, and cuisine recipes.

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