7 Car Maintaining Hacks For Summer That Everyone Should Know

The scorching heat, especially in Dubai, makes traveling harder as the heatwaves start knocking at the door right from the start, which is enough to anticipate what is coming next. The extreme weather and sun rays not only affect cars externally but demand maintenance for proper internal functioning as well.

The car air condition system starts malfunctioning owing to the extreme weather conditions during summers. So what should you do to get prepared to fight from summer as this season stays for longer? If you are a Dubai resident, the foremost thing is to check your car’s AC whether it is functioning properly or not. It is better to contact a mechanic for car ac repair services in Dubai to ensure no such matters come out during that time.  

Besides, in summers, the car gives hot punches when you sit inside because the leather gets insanely hot in the heat. Similarly, the fluids get evaporated, and the brakes malfunction when heated up. The condition of the car engine is no different.

This article will give you some tips to maintain cars and fight summers while doing groceries or going on a road trip.

1.   Keep car AC in check

Just consider you are on your way and the car ac stops working. The imaginations even make our body heat up, right? The first tip we discuss here targets the exact problem. If your car’s AC is struggling already, make sure to visit a professional mechanic for repair. If you deal with it for tomorrow, assume yourself in the car with the sun on your head, and the car ac stops working completely. Trust me. You will rush to your mechanic right that moment.

Like home air conditioners, car ac filters need cleaning as well. The dust and dust stuck in the filters are the main reason why it’s breaking down. Timely maintenance can help save money as well. For instance, cleaning filters is cheaper than repairing ac. By ensuring timely cleaning, you can save bucks.

2.   Sufficient fluids

Like us, cars need an appropriate amount of fluids for the proper working in summers. It is so because the fluids may vaporize owing to the heatwave. So, make sure your coolants, transmission fluids, wind sheet wiper fluids, engine oil, and power steering fluids are all topped up. In our language, a well-hydrated body works more efficiently.

3.   Keep an eye on the car engine

Hot weather can be a root cause of the deterioration of car batteries. It is so because it increases the temperature, the water dries up from the liquid electrolyte, and weakens the charge. As a result, the engine takes longer to start and decreases battery capacity, which shortens battery life.

Furthermore, the car ac works in full swing in summers which can take a toll on the car batteries. It is better to get the battery checked beforehand to do what is necessary and keep your car in proper functioning the whole season. It is better to get our car checked for car battery replacement and engine maintenance to avoid inconveniences.  

4.   Inspect car tyre pressure

Car tyres can burst due to extreme weather and excessive use. Imagine the tyre of your car burst in the middle of the road. Not only does it bring inconvenience, but it can be life-threatening as well. It happens because of the hot tarmac on the road owing to the extreme sun rays which cause tyres to explode. So, check the tyre pressure prior to leaving home to avoid such situations.

5.   Maintain the car’s temperature

Parking or turning off the car can heat it up from inside and outside, and maintaining its temperature is essential. So, it is better to open the car window slightly so the air can pass, thereby, maintaining the temperature. Also, be mindful of turning on the AC before turning the car on to the temperature from inside.

6.   Park our car in a shade

It’s very important to park the car under a shade during summers to protect it from the direct sunlight, which increases the car temperature. Apart from that, it damages the car paint as well. Do you want the paint and interior of your new Audi to get damaged by intense heat? Surely you don’t. Parking it in the shade keeps it cool and protects it from direct sun rays.

The Takeaway

In all, focusing on small details can save you from big losses. Apart from the aforementioned, there are other hacks as well, like using windscreen sunshades, ventilated seats, etc. Above all, keep your car in a healthy state to fight the heat waves and work perfectly the whole season. 


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