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.In the present-day world of constant change news is circulating across social media with astounding speed. If you’re not among the first to learn about the latest news it is possible to miss something important! We understand that it’s hard to keep track of the latest news developments However, don’t worry, we have some good news! We’ve just started the Vanshil Parikh blog which will keep you informed on the most recent trends in the world of news. Keep checking back!

Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

The growth of technology is growing exponentially and challenging the way we view everything. It’s an exciting time live in, but also it’s also a frightening one. Thanks to advances of big data and artificial Intelligence, and blockchain technology machines are equipped to replicate tasks initially performed only by humans. For instance, take driving for example. Around 2 million work as professional drivers across the globe. However, thanks to Tesla’s introduction of their driverless vehicle feature in the last year. These positions will soon be replaced with computers. Other industries could also experience an immense shift in their business. As artificial intelligence is able to analyze data and solve problems quicker than human beings could ever hope to achieve. It goes far beyond the realm of employment. What happens when AI improves at making investment decisions than humans?

Mobile technology, smartphones, and Tablets

These devices appear to be quite commonplace. It appears that nearly every person you see these days is carrying their phone while texting with both hands. The latest phones are becoming smarter and more powerful every day, yet it appears. That they are as susceptible to malfunction like other electronic devices. Smartphones and tablets also allow us access to a range of news apps that offer up-to-date information on the latest news. If you’re looking to learn how technology works. Or you’re interested in knowing about the latest advancements in technology read on for great suggestions for staying informed and knowledgeable about technology.

IoT, Fitness, Wearables and Connected objects

Connected objects are the latest generation of devices that can connect to various devices and let users connect to these devices via apps. Concerning fitness the wearables are available like Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP and others that can monitor your physical activity throughout the day. With IoT you’ll be able see data regarding your car or other objects via online applications. Apple Watch is a perfect illustration of wearables and connected objects. They can collect information from a variety of fitness tracking apps on your iPhone and then display the information on a compact wrist device. As more companies such as Apple are able to offer the market of smart watches and jewelry (Google is developing Android Wear) an even bigger market for wearable tech is expected to expand rapidly in the year 2015.

Cars, trucks, planes Trains, Boats Bikes and Scooters

An overview of what’s current in the field of transportation. In the present, efficient and efficient transport is essential. It is essential to focus on safety while operating any machine or vehicle. Take these steps to ensure that you’re secure during your next road trip Check all the parts of your vehicle using a fine-tooth comb prior to taking off. Make certain you know where the components are. Note any items that seem odd or unrelated and could pose a risk in the future. Before you embark on long-distance trips, it’s recommended to examine the tire’s pressure, oil levels as well as any additional fluids which could require maintenance. A regular maintenance schedule will not only ensure that there are no breakdowns and abrasions, but it also guarantees optimal handling and performance when traveling.

Real Estate Technology, Home Automation and Smart Appliances

Real estate is constantly evolving and we’ve been striving to bring you world-class house automation and energy management as well as smart home appliances. A few of these are: Nest Thermostat (3rd Generation) Google OnHub Router as well as Samsung’s family hub refrigerator. Visit the link below for more details on these amazing pieces of technology!

Google Vs. Apple … again

Though Apple (AAPL) against. Google (GOOG) may appear like a typical situation, it’s actually a sort of reboot for two tech giants who are going toe to toe. This rivalry among Apple and Google began before either was publicly known. It was in 2005 that Apple founder Steve Jobs declared that he was opening to iTunes to other music players. Google replied by saying that it would not permit its search feature to be integrated into third-party websites which clearly targeted Apple’s plans to launch its own smartphone. So far neither of the companies has been able to change their position on these issues or any other issues. However, this may change now that both are public and are required to take into consideration how their decisions influence investors’ perceptions of their stock as stocks.

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