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Ana Leza (Antonio Banderas’s Ex-wife) Full Bio, Age, Height, Family

Ana Leza is a Spanish-based actress who has appeared in quite a number of Spanish television shows and movies. The actress, however, caught the attention of the general public after the announcement of her marriage to Antonio Banderas, who is a well-recognized and renowned actor currently situated in Spain. Whatsoever, the couple decided to part ways just after a few years of their marriage as they were not able to resolve their personal differences.

At the current moment, Ana Leza is enjoying a happy and contented married life with her second husband, whose name is Dharma Villareal. In this article, we will concern everything that is worth knowing about Ana Leza, who is a renowned actress in the current era and also the ex-wife of Antonio Banderas. However, before we proceed further, you must be aware of the fact that there is a lot of information that we currently have about Ana Leza, even more than you can imagine!

Getting Started with the Early Life Details of Ana Leza 

The birth location of Ana Leza is the United States of America. She has been somewhat in the entertainment sector for quite a while now since her mother, Conchita Leza Nunez, is also a well-reputed actress in the film industry. On the other hand, the identity of the biological father of Ana Leza is not yet known to the general public.

The mother of Ana Leza has appeared in a significant number of movies as an upstanding actress, including Outrage, Hospital Central, and Foul Play. That being said, another crucial point to be noted about the mother of Ana Leza is that she is also the mother-in-law of the second husband of Ana Leza, whose name is Dharma Villareal.

Ana Leza realized that she had a great interest in live performances and the film-making industry from a very young age. Anyhow, she only got the chance to appear in a limited number of films, such as Hospital Central.

As far as the details about the educational background of Antonio Banderas wife are concerned, we feel sad to announce that there is no information available on the internet about it. This is maybe because the actress likes to keep the educational matters of her life private and discreet. So, she has not revealed anything concrete concerning the educational background of her life.

About the Relationship of Ana Leza with Antonio Banderas

Ana Leza


Being an actress, Ana Leza was initially married to Antonio Banderas, who is also a well-known Spanish actor. Being the private English tutor of Antonio Banderas at that time, Ana Leza played a crucial role in the life of Antonio Banderas.

This is because she helped him a lot in translating and working on the script of Los Reyes Del Mambo. That being said, it should also be noted that Antonio Banderas got a hold of his first Oscar nomination as the best actor for his talents after investing about thirty years in the Hollywood industry.

There is no denying the fact that Ana Leza has played a crucial role in the life of Antonio Banderas. Keeping that in mind, Ana helped Antonio in learning the English language as he could not even speak a single word properly before he met Ana.

So, all the success that Antonio Banderas currently has is partly due to the presence of Ana Leza. This is because of the fact that Antonio Banderas would not have been able to get so much exposure if it were not for Ana Leza, as she always played a supporting role in his life and helped him to improve his shortcomings. Don’t you think the same?

Current Relationship Status of Ana Leza 

Ana Leza decided to proceed further in her life after her divorce from Antonio Banderas and tied the knot with Dharma Villareal about four years after her divorce from Antonio Banderas. The couple got married in Santa Barbara, located in California, on the 6th of October, 2000.

The second and current husband of Ana Leza, known by the name of Dharma Villareal, is a qualified documentarian and editor by profession and works for Xerox. The couple also has two daughters, whose names are Sofa Macarena and Clara Mara.

The Bottom Line 

Antonio Banderas wife, also known as Ana Leza, played a crucial role in his life as a supporting role. Indeed, Antonio Banderas would not have been the same with respect to success as he is today without the contributions of Ana Leza.

As far as the net worth of Ana Leza is concerned, we cannot deny the fact that she has built a concrete career for herself. Her net worth at the moment is expected to be around 100,000 USD.

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