Asana Demo: What will you get from the free version?

Asana is known for being one of the most widely used collaboration tools. Asana Demo offers a free plan if you’re looking for the best project management tool. What do you get with the free plan? We will be reviewing Asana’s free plan and discussing its features in this Asana review.

A Short Overview of Asana Project Management Software

Asana project provides ready-made project templates. The templates can be shared easily among your team members. Asana is a great project management software. Asana also offers a wide range of integrations you can tailor to your business needs.

Asana allows you to customize the projects and add due dates. You can then view the projects in various formats such as lists, graphs, and calendars. It has a very simple interface, particularly for project management tools. Asana project management software has an intuitive interface that is easy to use.

The Free Version of Asana Pricing Plans

The right project management software will make a huge difference in your project management. This is especially true when it comes down to getting work done and improving the productivity of your staff.

The Asana demo will show you how the software offers both paid and free versions. Asana’s Basic plan is the free version. If you’re new to Asana, you can find a Basic Asana Learning Project Template. This template will help you get started with Asana. It is unlikely that you will ever need it.

It is easy to get started with the Basic plan. This plan includes an internal messaging system. This allows you to communicate with other Asana users, share files and connect to many other tools. You can add this tool to your already powerful, but basic, toolbox.

Is the Asana Project Management Free Version Good for You?

It all depends on what type of project you are working on and which Asana features your team is looking for. If you manage small businesses, you may be able to use the free version. It all depends on your company’s size, complexity, budget, and other factors. We all know that certain teams can be restrictive, particularly for large companies.

What will you get with a free asana cost?

Although it may not be for everyone, the Asana free version has many benefits. The free version is sufficient if you plan to use it for personal or freelance work.

We have a review of Asana that will show you what you can expect when you register for a free account. Below is the complete list.

You can easily collaborate with your team members (the free version supports up to 15 people).

All tasks and projects should be completed by the due date

Assign tasks

Numerous free project templates

You can view all your projects in multiple formats, including list view, calendar view, and bulletin board.

Integration with other applications seamless

There are two types of account creation: workspace and organization.

Access to Asana App for managing projects easily (available on iOS and Android)

Asana Features in Its Free Version

Asana’s Free version has all the features you need to manage small business and personal projects. You can divide your projects into manageable tasks, collaborate and set deadlines.

This best project management software will automatically send an email reminder to you when you have set a deadline. The Asana calendar’s innovative design will be a hit. This calendar is great for helping you to balance your time.

You can see when deadlines overlap with the Asana pricing version. This will keep you going.

Additional Features Available in Asana’s Free Version

The free Asana version has more features than other project management software.

This free version includes advanced features that will help you and your team members work more efficiently. These advanced features are what they are. Continue reading!

Schedule Your Tasks

With Asana’s bulletin board view, you can create columns by weekday. You can then create tasks for each day by simply clicking on the column. You can also assign these tasks to your team members.

Reach Your Goals

Asana can help you divide your goals into tasks, projects, and deadlines. You can then assign a team member to a task. You can even use subtasks for additional information.

Track your Expenses

The free Asana project management software allows you to create tasks for each expense and attach receipts. This will prompt you to pay taxes when due. You can also set time limits to limit recurring expenses like bills. You will never forget to pay them on the due date.

The free version is great for small businesses with fewer employees or individuals who want to be more efficient in managing their personal tasks. If you require more advanced features, such as custom fields and priority levels, task dependencies, or time frames, then you might consider upgrading to the paid plan.

Asana Pricing Plans

We recommend the free version of Asana that we reviewed in our Asana review. It is definitely worth trying. If you are a large company with many projects, you can select the best Asana pricing plan below.

The Premium Package

This plan is $10.99 per month (billed annually) and $13.49 monthly (billed monthly).

View the Timeline

Work rules

Collaboration tools that work


Admin Console

Projects and individual teams

Advanced Search and Reporting

Unlimited guests free

The Business Plan

The plan is $24.99 per month (billed annually) and $30.49 monthly (billed monthly). This plan includes all of the premium features, plus some additional features such as:

Portfolio of group projects together

The Workloads feature allows you to divide the work among your team members

Use the Custom Rule Builder to customize your rules

You can create actions using image annotations with the proofing feature

Custom fields for innovative locks

Integration seamless with top tools like Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and Tableau

The Enterprise Plan

You can contact the company to get custom Asana pricing for this plan.

Final Words

Asana’s free version offers many innovative features that will help you manage your small business. Are you curious to see it in action? This Asana review will hopefully help you make the right choice.


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