Augmented Reality in Gaming


Augmented Reality in Gaming: The Past and the Future

The utilization of Augmented Reality (AR) has taken mobile gaming to the next level. It has resulted in deeper user engagement with gaming apps. It is assumed that the market size of Augmented Reality will surpass $50 billion by 2024 (Global Market Insight). No doubt, investing in Augmented Reality will boost your gaming revenue superbly.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an immersive 3D technology that allows users to closely interact with various online objects within the actual world on a real-time basis. It involves the utilization of lively audio-visual effects to deliver a captivating impact on users. 

Realizing the powerful impact of this technology, many organizations are seeking the assistance of a reputed AR game development company to serve their audience with awesome gaming pleasure. 

Augmented Reality: A Brief History

The appeal of augmented reality in gaming is growing over time. Do you know when this advanced technology was first mentioned?

Well, Jaron Lainer coined term ‘augmented reality’ in 1989. Later Thomas P Caudell coined it in 1990.

In 1992, a fully functioning augmented reality system was launched. It was introduced by Louis Rosenburg of USAF Armstrong’s Research Lab. The system was known as Virtual Fixtures and constituted a complex mechanism to work as powerful 3D graphics processors during that time.  

The concept of augmented reality again came into the limelight in 2016. This time it happened with the arrival of an immersive and highly-popular game-Pokemon Go.

The game concept is very simple- You have to run with a pokemon in realistic surroundings. It uses your GPS location and mobile camera to deliver a real-life-like experience of chasing a pokemon. The game has brilliantly utilized augmented reality technology to attract a large user base very intimately within a short time. 

Inspired by its success, many organizations have started to look for a credible AR game development company to serve clients with amazing gaming solutions. 

Which are the Popular AR Game Engines?

Developing mobile games using Augmented Reality is very simple using platforms like-

  1. Unity

This game engine serves you excellently to develop immersive AR-based games. The game engine comes with robust frameworks that assist in developing captivating augmented reality games. It will be fruitful to hire a reputed mobile game development company to utilize the powerful elements of this game engine to serve your audience with engaging AR experiences.

2. Unreal

This advanced platform also assists strongly to develop AR games. This game engine has a powerful AR game development framework. Hence, it is also know as the Unified Unreal Augmented Reality Framework. It is an extremely powerful mechanism that enables developers to create cross-platform AR games by harnessing a single code passage.

3. Vuforia Engine

It is another notable platform to develop augmented reality game apps. Create lively gaming characters and objects with powerful assets of this game engine. It works excellently to boost your AR gaming experience by imparting a captivating audio-visual effect. When utilizing the rich assets of this game engine, it will be better to hire dedicated game developers to meet the desired objectives quite conveniently.

Trending technologies like augmented reality are taking mobile game development services to the next level. This is resulting in greater engagement and widening the chance of making money. Many organizations are already showing interest to utilize augmented reality in game development. Hence, they have started to look for credible game developers to utilize this advanced 3D technology properly.


Augmented reality gaming is influencing user behavior with time. This 3D technology allows you to intimately experience the presence of various gaming characters and objects within the actual environment. It tends to raise your gaming pleasure by competing with these lively characters in the natural surroundings quite engagingly. Augmented Reality mainly came to the spotlight in 2016 with the introduction of a highly popular game known as Pokemon Go. They mainly utilize the ideal augmented reality engine to materialize their creative ideas.           


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