Best Creative Content Ideas To Sell More


Best Creative Content Ideas To Sell More

Social networks are channels with a lot of potential to generate sales. But you have to know how to use them. Here we share some original content ideas to boost your business. Learn what other brands are doing in their networks to increase their conversion rate.

Why think of content ideas to sell?

Generating content that helps you show your products in more creative ways and communicates everything behind your brand is essential. Users and potential customers look for more than “just products” when they browse the platforms.

If you know graphic design, don’t worry! There are tons of tools on the internet to work with templates. For example, there are pre-made designs that you can edit to fit your brand and goals. For our part, we designed these banners for you to take advantage of on your networks and download them for free!

Today we would like to share with you 7 creative content ideas that other businesses use to increase their sales. This great strategy allows you to understand how to sell online and attract more visitors to your store. I hope they inspire you!

#1Tutorials with ideas on how to use your products

One of the best ways to show your products, without being all the time selling, is by making videos or photos where you give ideas or show how to use them.

Showing is always more powerful than telling. And tutorials are a great way to put that into practice. Just for your information, FlexClip is a great tool for creating tutorial videos with many nice templates.

The girls from The Dignanis are a great example of creating this type of content to inspire their potential customers with thousands of ideas to use the scarves they sell in their store.

They do it both with tutorial videos and in their photos, where they show different ideas of use.

In this way, they not only talk about their products but inspire with ideas on how to use them.

This is much more attractive than a direct message. It builds and strengthens the link between the community that follows you and your brand, and, as if that were not enough, it increases the chances that someone will want to buy because you inspire them with a way of use or idea that maybe it hadn’t even occurred to him.

#2Answer frequently asked questions in an original way

One more is to answer your customers’ frequently asked questions more creatively than the typical question and answer page. What if you make a more original video or tutorial?

In this way, you take advantage of the questions that are always asked to create content and also improve the shopping experience of any future customer who has the same question before taking the last step.

The girls from Bord, for example, created a story on Instagram with the step by step for installing their organizational panels. It was probably a common doubt that many people had before buying, so they directly turned it into a story for everyone to see.

#3Share the why and the story behind your products

Another very powerful way to create content for your brand is by telling the why or the story behind your products.

There is always a story. For some reason, you started the business you started and chose the products you chose. Sharing that is a great way for your potential customers to connect much more emotionally with your brand. Thus, it is not just about sales or that they choose you solely based on price, but that they see that there is much more.

For example, Baumm is a brand of backpacks made with reused paragliders. It is not “just another backpack.” There is a story behind each product related to the use of sustainable materials and where that fabric was before it became a backpack.

They are in charge of showing and sharing all this so that their potential clients on the other side find out and see the soul and history behind their products.

#4Creative alliances to show your products in use

Creating alliances with other people so that it is not always you who is showing your products is also one of the most attractive content ideas.

The Bord girls recently did this in a super original way. They know that their organizational panels are a great product, for example, for creative entrepreneurs, who have to have their work items at hand and in order.

So they called 15 entrepreneurs to do a photo session (organized by them!), where they were asked to bring their favorite work items. In this way, they created incredible photos of their panels showing the variety of forms and items in which they can be used.

In addition to this, each of these 15 entrepreneurs shared the photos on their own networks, thereby increasing the number of people they reached with their brand.

This is a very original collaboration because, as we can see, alliances do not always have to be with influencers with thousands or millions of followers or paying a fortune for a mention.

Many times it is preferable to do it with people with fewer followers but much more interaction with their audience, and that reaches a 100% online audience with whom you are interested in contacting. Also, by adding 15 female entrepreneurs at the same time, the multiplier effect of having them all showing their panels was great!

#5Your clients show your products in use

Similar to the previous point, a good alternative is to take advantage of the publications of your own clients to show your products in use.

What better than the people who already choose you and like what you offer to show it off and help more people get to know you?

Let’s keep getting to know original content ideas for entrepreneurial networks. There is still much more to come!

#6Content education about the benefits of your products

These publications will depend on the type of product you sell. Not all products solve a specific problem or have a concrete benefit that can be talked about, but if your product is within this category, you will love this idea, and it will be very useful.

#7Creative photos to show your products in different uses

Last but not least, a key piece of content to attract potential customers to your brand is your photos.

The issue is that, on a daily basis, we come across so many, many images that, to draw attention and attract, you have to use creativity and try not to show your products the same way to everyone.

Think that your potential clients see thousands of photos per day on their social networks, so to capture their attention in a few seconds, your photos have to have something different from the rest.

We know that it is easier said than done, but today it is hardly an option not to have quality photos in the 100% visual world in which we live. At least of your main products.

They do not necessarily have to be with professional production, but they do have to be thought out and of quality because it is the first filter that will make someone interested in seeing and learning more about your brand.

At Last

Hopefully, these examples of creative content ideas will inspire you to think of new opportunities for your brand.

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