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Best FAB personal Loan UAE Dream comes true

Getting your required amount for a personal loan in UAE is not an easy task, but First Abu Dhabi bank (FAB), can solve your problem associated with the personal loan with the required amount. FAB will serve you via their amazing loan services on low-interest rates with high loan amounts. You can easily settle down your all matter in life with a loan provided by FAB. This bank maintains the service work with bank management work together, people of UAE like to select this bank. Especially expats, because it will also give a high amount of loans to the expats of UAE with their citizens. The ratio is not the same for both but still expats will be happy with the amount of FAB personal loan UAE

There are many more specialties associate with FAB, it will also give you an adjustable period of reimbursement. It will never give you any inconvenience regarding this matter. This piece of paper will show you its key features and the reason behind its so much popularity in the hearts of Arabians. Why it is so beneficial? Especially, for the expats of Abu Dhabi state in UAE.

Main characteristics attached to FAB 

FAB will give a high-level amount of loan to its residents, the amount would be almost 5 million AED. This range is not specified for expats due to various conditions associated to the expats. The loan amount for non-residents would be almost 2 million AED. Both national and international candidates are allowed to apply through several means, the most favorite source is an online source. In past days, the formal procedure was the main source to apply for any kind of loan in UAE, but now the method is changed. With time, new and latest procedures are introduced.

The online method is one of those, anyone can anytime apply within the boundary of the house and without consuming many hours outside the house. You will have to fill the form via the internet and tide the basic essential papers with the form then submit that application. within a few minutes, the response may come from the bank about the next procedure. The candidates will also get the facility of a life insurance policy as an appreciation via FAB personal loan in UAE. Bank will give you the time for reimbursement for up to 45 to 48 months for residents. If you are an employee of the ministry of defense, so the duration will be increase by the bank, for almost up to 60 months.


The requirements for eligibility are not so much complicated, these all are basic requirements, for example:-

  • The recent status with the previous status of a job that you are doing will be consider important things for a personal loan in UAE.  This status will reveal your ability to repay, the bank will check your earnings according to the rules of banks.
  • Age should not be above 60 years and it should not be below 21 years, the range is also according to prescribed rules.
  • Bank may reject your form of application if your monthly earnings are less than their prescribed range. The salary should not be less than 7000 AED.
  • Application completed and signed by the customer
  • Salary certificate / Salary slips
  • Bank statement (three months)
  • Copy of a resident visa/valid passport/ Emirates ID (originals must also be present)

Documents required for an application form 

  • While filling out the form you should have your ID card UAE with you, it is a very essential component for loan taking process.
  • Your employment slip and pay slips are also mandatory. If you have a trade license, it will be also very useful for you.
  • Copies of acceptable and valid visa and passport.
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