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You may have noticed that most of today’s successful people are entrepreneurs. Having your own business is not simple or easy. It demands a significant amount of commitment and hard work. This post will discuss Mr Carlos Slik, a well-known businessman. He comes from a well-known and wealthy family, and he was also interested in achieving success through his abilities. As a result, he did so.

We’ll go over his complete journey in this piece. Stay with it till the end because you will gain a lot of inspiration. So, let’s get started.

Carlos Slik, Who Exactly is He?

Carlos Slik, for many years Latin America’s and the world’s richest man, had a surprising idol in Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan. Carlos slik’s economic decisions mirror his fascination with the mediaeval emperor. Before launching a crushing attack, Genghis Khan would undertake tactical retreats, lulling his opponents into a false sense of security. Slim, a 75-year-old telecoms mogul, has been announcing his retirement from business for the past 15 years, only to go into other industries, most notably petroleum.

Carlos slik’s admiration for the Great Khan is one of many unexpected revelations in investigative journalist Diego Enrique Osorno’s new biography. According to “Slim: The Political Biography of the World’s Richest Mexican,” the entrepreneur was bullied at his Mexico City school because he is the son of Lebanese parents with the surname Salim.

His family was related to the Lebanese Phalange, a right-wing Christian group that was involved in the murder of Palestinians. According to rumours, Slim’s older brother Julian was a member of a Mexican secret police force accused of torturing and disappearing Marxist militants.

The Richest in the World, Carlos Slik

Slim is involved in a slew of other enterprises, most of which are run through his global conglomerate, Group Carson SAB. Elementa, Mexico’s largest cement company, retail giants Sears and Saks Fifth Avenue, energy and construction (via CICSA), and vehicles are among the companies in which Group Carson holds or has owned assets.

He has a piece of The New York Times in his possession. Carlos Slik’s income is mostly derived from the telecommunications industry. Slim owns America Movil, formerly Teléfonos de Mexico, or Telmex.Telmex was the country’s ancient telephone monopoly, similar to AT&T Inc. in the United States (T). The firm was privatised by the government in the 1990s, and Slim was one of the early investors through Group Carson (the other members).

By 2012, Slim’s mobile telecoms company, America Movil, had acquired Telmex and converted it to a privately held subsidiary. Through its subsidiary Telcel, America Movil controls approximately 70% of the mobile phone line market and 80% of the landline market in Mexico. 13 Following new anti-monopoly regulations in Mexico. On the other hand, Slim is unlikely to be dissatisfied with the fact that various assets, such as cell phone towers, may generate $8 billion or more in revenue, marking a considerable return on investment.

Carlos Slik has a Monopoly on the Market

Another issue to be concerned about is monopolistic practices. Carlos Slik bought one of Mexico’s largest copper wire manufacturers through Telmex. Twenty-one and twenty-two, He then prohibited Telmex from buying wire from a competitor. For years, the Mexican government has battled Slim’s monopoly in the telecoms sector.

While attempting to establish competition in the phone sector, the Mexican government neglected to account for the fact that new firms must pay Telmex an interconnection fee. Telmex has simply set these tariffs at exorbitant levels, making it difficult for any other operator to compete, especially for long-distance calls. The practice came to a stop after much bickering between the government, Slim, and the upstarts.

Important Real Estate

In the last two decades, real estate, which Slim did not focus on in his early years, has become a substantial part of his portfolio. Part of this was a natural result of the conglomerate’s expansion, such as the 20 retail malls dispersed around Mexico, ten of which are in Mexico City.

34 Slim, on the other hand, paid $44 million for the Duke Semans mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City, which is considered one of the remaining magnificent private residences on the avenue. It was put up for sale for $80 million in 2015, but after failing to find a buyer, he pulled it off the market in 2016.

Slim’s late wife was a passionate art collector, so the Museo Soumaya was named after her. It houses about 70,000 works of art, including the largest Rodin collection outside of France and works by Matisse, Van Gogh, Monet, and Dali, to name a few.

Baseball- The Favourite Sport of Carlos Slik

Slim appreciates history, nature, and art (he owns the largest collection of Rodin statues in the world), but baseball is his genuine love. Slim claims to have an encyclopaedic understanding of the sport, having written numerous articles on it.

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About the Death of Carlos Slik

Carlos Slik died in 1997 after experiencing enormous success in every business. He contracted a fever disease and went to the hospital for surgery. His sons now handle all of his business. They are running their business in the same way that their father did, and he is still the wealthiest person in the world.

Carlos Slick Net Worth

Mr Carlos is the world’s 4th richest personality, and his net worth is approximately 51.2 billion dollars.


Carlos Slik had a flawless personality in every way. He was passionate in sports as well as business. His favourite sports were baseball and football. Carlos was awarded the National Sports Award of Mexico due to his contribution to sports.


Carlos Slik is a well-known name in the business world. At a young age, he started a number of enterprises. Carlos simply kept working hard and cleverly following in his father’s footsteps to become the most successful businessman in the world. He is a true encouragement to young people who believe they are incapable of achieving their goals. You will reach your objectives if you work hard.

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