Celerity EMR Software For CAM Providers

Celerity EMR software created in 2005 and will be appreciated by CAM providers. This software was specifically developed for the mental health sector, with a focus on chemical dependency. It can manage patient data from both electronic medical records and paper-based notes, unlike other EMR software. Celerity allows providers to save time and money while improving patient satisfaction and quality. Find out more about this Celerity EMR software, and how it can help your practice.

Behavioral health care management solution

Celerity’s electronic health record software specifically designed for behavioral healthcare providers. It streamlines billing, scheduling, treatment, and payment. The software is cloud-based and can be used anywhere. You can also create unlimited reports. You can have the software installed for your entire practice for a monthly fee of $55 Continue reading to learn more! This information will assist you in deciding if Celerity EMR is right to your practice.

Celerity’s cloud-based electronic medical records solution, CAM, caters to both a treatment for chemical dependency and providers of behavioral health care. It offers many clinical features including customizable intake forms and assessment forms. You can also configure the software to allow you to use older record formats and to prevent charging for services not used. It integrates with Financial and Administrative software making it an effective tool for managing behavioral health care.

Electronic medical record

Celerity’s EMR software may interest you if you are a behavioral health provider or substance abuse treatment center. The software provides integrated billing and compliance tools that meet HIPAA’s strict requirements. It also offers 24/7 customer support to address any concerns or answer questions.

Celerity Electronic medical records software, which is a CAM provider, specifically designed for chemical dependency treatment centers. This software is extremely useful for addiction and chemical dependency treatment professionals. It works with existing EHR technology and allows clinicians to capture all aspects of patient care without interrupting their productivity. Users can access and edit patient records with just one click, so they can focus on patient care.

Management practice

Celerity EMR, a complete practice management software package is a great choice. Celerity EMR integrates financial and administrative software with web-based Electronic Medical Records. This CAM solution is particularly useful for behavioral and mental health practitioners who are often on the move and don’t have the IT resources to support many sites. It comes pre-installed with rules for billing and coding, as well as customizable intake and assessment templates and group scheduling tools.

E-prescribing allows doctors to send prescriptions to patients’ preferred pharmacies. To pick up their medication, patients simply need to show their medical cards. This saves time for both patients and pharmacies and allows practitioners to quickly deliver test results. The patient portal simplifies patient communication and speeds up test results. All of these features are included in Celerity EMR practice management. You can also check out Elation EMR software reviews.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of running an EMR software program is often one of the most important aspects when purchasing one. The total cost of ownership is the system’s overall cost over its lifetime and includes both direct costs and indirect costs. Here is information about the cost to purchase a Celerity EMR system. These software solutions have a wide range of costs depending on the features used and the size of your practice. Here are some ways to calculate your total cost of ownership.

CAM EHR Software, web-based software that offers a wide range of features, is available. Celerity is committed to helping treatment providers deliver better patient outcomes through intuitive tools and user-friendly EMR software. Celerity’s CAM software will make your investment as easy and as straightforward as possible. Celerity’s web-based platform makes it ideal for companies with limited IT resources and multiple locations.

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