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Clara Fernandez Ortiz Bio: Age, Height & Networth

In this article, you will find all the details about Spanish athlete Clara Fernandez. She is from Barcelona and she proved herself at such a very young age, so if you want to know Clara fernández age along with other details, you should stay connected till the end!

Clara is a skilled Triathlon athlete and began pole vaulting at a young age, she has been trained for a range of races such as cycling, swimming, long-distance running, and pole vaulting. She takes part in many events and she lately competed in less than 20 European championships and sports competitions and performed admirably. Let’s learn more about this beautiful athlete!

Clara Fernandez Ortiz Biography:

Clara Fernandez

Clara Fernandez was born on 22 October 2003 in Barcelona, Spain and she is an International Athlete. There is no information available about her family but they must be so happy to see their daughter at such a young age.

Clara is a well-known social media personality as well as an outstanding athlete. She is multi-talented and her impact on people is so impressive. She is so talented and has won 21 titles with Pole Vaulter since the beginning of 2018.

Full Name: Clara Fernández Ortiz.

Nick Name: Clara.

Date of Birth: 22 October 2003.

Birth Place: Barcelona, Spain.

Clara Fernández age: 19 Years Old (As of 2022).

Religion: Christian.

Languages: English and Spanish.

Education: Graduated By University

Profession: Athlete.

Hobbies: Sports.

Favorite Actress: Emma Watson.

Favorite Dancer: Radhe Jaggi.

Favorite Actor:  Dwayne Johnson.

Eyes Color: Brown.

Hair Color: Brown.

The Career of Clara Fernandez:

Clara Fernandez Ortiz is a famous and talented athlete, her skills include cycling, swimming, running long distances, and pole Vaulter. It is just the beginning of her career and there is not much information available about her career but let’s have a look at what we have found about Clara.

She took part in many European championships and sports competitions in which she performed very well and was loved by her fans. She has won 21 titles with Pole Vaulter since the beginning of 2018. She is multi-talented and has made a significant impact on the international stage.

Clara Fernández age & height:

Can you believe that she is just 19 years old? We know it is so astonishing because she is a talented athlete who is famous and doing great at the start of her career. She began her pole vaulting career at a young age and she is a skilled Triathlon athlete. She looks so beautiful with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

Clara Fernández Net worth:

As we know that she is so talented and has a great sports career even though she is so young, the estimated net worth of Clara Fernandez is around $200,000. Her income comes from the Nike brand as well because she is a brand ambassador for Nike. She never revealed her net worth to the public and this is an estimated net worth we found as per reports.

Social Media of Clara Fernandez:

Clara has over 334k followers on Instagram and she is quite active there but we have no idea if she is interested in using other social media platforms or not. However, on Instagram, she likes to share her videos with her fans.

Clara focuses on her skills and tries to improve them instead of wasting time on social media. She won a gold medal in U-18 pole vaulting at the Spanish Championships. She also thanked her coach in an Instagram post after receiving the award.

Facts about Clara Fernandez:

After reading the above information about Clara Fernandez, you are probably be amazed by her skills but there are some facts unknown to many people, you can read them here:

  •         Clara is very conscious about her body and goes to the gym to stay fit.
  •         She does not eat junk or anything that has a negative influence on the body.
  •         She was raised in Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain.
  •         Nike had a promotional deal with her.
  •         She enjoys going to the gym on a daily basis and jogging to stay in shape.
  •         She likes to keep her personal life private and that’s why there is a lot of information missing about her and her family.

Final Words:

Clara Fernandez is a Spanish Athlete who has won many competitions, she is very young but still, she managed to become famous worldwide through her talent and skills. We have shared all the information about her including her age, height, and net worth, and hope that you liked reading this article. Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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