Tips on Scoring Highest Marks in Class 12 Accountancy

Accountancy is one of the highest-scoring subjects in the class 12 examination, and the Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus is easily manageable. This makes Accounts one of the most important subjects of the class 12 curriculum. But commerce students often wonder how to score maximum marks in accounts.

If you are someone with the same question in mind and looking for tips on how to achieve a perfect 100 in Accountancy, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have mentioned tips to score the highest marks in Accountancy. But before this, let us have a look at the class 12 accounts syllabus-

Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus 2022-23

Parts/Units Topics Marks
Part A Accounting for Partnership Firms & Companies 60
Unit 1 Accounting for Partnership Firms 35
Unit 2 Accounting for Companies 25
Part B Financial Statement Analysis 20
Unit 3 Analysis of Financial Statements 12
Unit 4 Cash Flow Statement 8
Part C Project Work 20
Part B Computerized Accounting 20
Unit 3 Computerized Accounting
Part C Project Work 20
Total 100

CBSE board has not reduced the syllabus of class 12 accounts as they have done the previous year. Hence students need to keep themselves updated about the complete course.

Once you know the course structure of the subject, you will be in a better position to plan your strategy for the exam. We would recommend you to go through the detailed class 12 accountancy syllabus. The guidance notes present below will help you in preparing better for the exam-

Tips to score highest marks in Accountancy

A big NO to Calculators

From the very first day you must remember that calculators are not allowed in the examination. It is a commonly seen that students practice practical sums using calculators at home. This is what reduces their speed in calculations which is a very serious demerit of using calculator. So it is very important to maintain enough distance from the calculator as soon as you start your preparation.

Make your own notes

As we all know the importance of understanding concepts in accounts, making reference notes for all the concepts is very important. Suppose a student has a clear understanding of accounting concepts, in that case, he/she will never face any problem, solving the practical sums, thus leading to a higher score in the Accountancy paper.

The theory is also essential

We suggest you never ignore the theory portions in Accounts. Students often feel that they have practiced the numerical multiple times and hence are ready to score good marks, but this is where they are mistaken. The theory is what gives you an edge over your competitors. There are always some 1 marks theory questions in the accounts paper, mainly from the partnership section of the syllabus. Study the theory portions thoroughly to score good marks in the examination.

Get good guidance, prefer online over offline

A student always needs proper guidance to pass exams with excellent marks. We recommend you to join an online coaching that can help you prepare. Online coaching comes with benefits, such as, it can save your time as you can attend classes from the comfort of your home. Further online coaching provides you with recorded classes, which you can watch at any time as per your schedule. They also offer personalized guidance over a call or by some other method, thus leading to complete doubt clearance and conceptual clarity.

Revision is the key

We recommend you to complete your syllabus at least 4 months before the exam. This will give you sufficient time for multiple revisions. Revisions play a vital role in the preparation for any exam. Thus, ensure you have enough time to revise your papers at least three times before the class 12 examination.

Solve Mock test papers and sample test papers

It is recommended to solve at least ten mock test papers before the examination. It is crucial to gain practice of the examination in which you will be appearing. Just solving the test papers is not sufficient; you need to solve them in the designated time. So we recommend you to keep an alarm clock set for three hours and then start solving the paper. This strategy will bring you into the habit of completing the accounts paper in sufficient time for the examination.

Time Management is a must

It is essential to manage your time while preparing for the examination. Go through the past year’s papers and find out the most important topics for the exam. Once you know the important topics, you can accordingly prepare for the examination. Allocate sufficient time to the most important topics and don’t completely ignore the less important topics.

Time management is also important while attempting the exam paper. With enough practice, students can understand which part of the exam paper should be attempted first and which part can be left for the last.

Presentation and handwriting

It is essential to write the exam paper in handwriting that can be easily understood by the examiner. Also, try to add sufficient notes and workings at the end of the numerical in order to avoid any confusion. Students must write their papers in an easily understandable language.

Follow these tips, and you will notice a remarkable improvement in your test scores. As we have already discussed that students should prefer online coaching over offline coaching, let us have a look at how online coaching can help you in scoring the highest marks-

Online classes help in scoring highest masks

  • Easy to access– Online coaching is very easy to access as you can sit at your home and watch the classes at any time.
  • Time-Saving– Online classes save your time as you don’t have to travel from your home to some other place to attend the classes.
  • Better doubt clearance– With online classes, your teachers are just a call away, and you can approach them whenever you face any difficulty.
  • Best faculty at your doorstep– With offline coaching, you have limited resources and can study from teachers available only near your residence. But with online coaching, you can get guidance from the best faculties of other cities as well. This is the reason why Vidya Setu can change the lives of many students from other towns as well. Vidya Setu has delivered great results over the years and hence have established itself as the best online coaching.

    Vidya Setu – Best Online Classes

  • It provides free online classes for class XI and Class XII
  • The video lectures are of HD quality and hence easy to understand
  • The Vidya Setu classes have experienced faculty and hence provide proper guidance and up-to-date study material based on the past year’s papers.
  • Video classes at Vidya Setu are specially designed to fully prepare all the chapters. They cover Accountancy, B. St., English, Economics and Mathematics, in addition to all the other subjects of commerce Class 11 and 12 for CBSE, State Board, NTSE and School Exams.


To conclude, Accountancy is the most important subject in your class 12 commerce syllabus as it can help you in increasing your overall percentage. Online coaching can help you cover your syllabus in less time and hence can help you in scoring better marks. Vidya Setu focuses on the holistic development of the student with its regular classes, timely completion of the syllabus and multiple revisions before the exams. So if you want to score the highest marks in your Class 12 accountancy exam and increase your overall board exam percentage join Vidya Setu today.

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