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Dachshund Bobblehead History – Get Complete Info Here

Dachshund Bobbleheads are one of the cutest dog breeds but why they are so famous and what’s their history? Well, this article is based on Dachshund Bobblehead History so you will get all the answers when we get to the end. So, let’s start!

Dachshund Bobbleheads have large bodies but small legs as compared to the body and they are famous for this reason. An automobile ornament first produced these dogs in Germany as per the details we found on Google.

Do you know that until 1940, these were not considered dogs? Yes, that’s true. The dachshund was first officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1987 but it was first founded by a German breeder named Martin Feller of Cologne in 1986.

What is Dachshund Bobblehead History?

This dog breed is thought to have started as a hunting dog in the 15th century. However, the Dachshund is first mentioned in print in 1723 in a book titled “The Complete German Hunter (Der vollkommene teutsche Jäger)” by German writer Johann Friedrich von Flemming. They don’t look like hunters, by the way, all we see is cuteness, right?

This cute dog breed is considered to be descended from Bloodhounds, they were created by the Germans by breeding dwarf Bloodhound variants as per information available. This approach allowed them to generate a breed with identical hunting instincts but shorter legs over time and their tiny legs were considered ideal for hunting.

The word Dachshund is a combination of “Dachs” and “hund” which means “badger dog.” They gained their moniker because they were the ideal hunting dog for following badgers, other types of dogs were not able to do the same. Badgers are a common type of fauna throughout Europe, including Germany.

These burrowing animals use their paws to burrow deep into the dirt and for generations, they were hunted by Germans. Now that the Dachshund has the ability to trace them even from beneath the ground, it is basically the body or shape of Dachshunds that allows them to fit in small tunnels and this is quite a great help for Germans.

Some Interesting Facts about Dachshund Bobblehead:

Now that you know Dachshund Bobblehead History, we will share some amazing facts about this dog breed that will surely amaze you. It’s been 60 years since we know about this dog breed according to dachshund bobblehead history.

  1. They can be trained to become a good watchdog instead of being used for hunting and they are extremely bright and can be trained to perform whatever you want but you have to have some patience.
  2. They can easily get comfortable according to the surroundings and atmosphere, and their senses are high when it comes to danger.
  3. They are one of the most popular dog breeds, with over 6 million pups born in the United Kingdom alone each year and they can live for 15 years.
  1. This breed of dog is very active and works hard but some people think that they are not so intelligent and they cannot become good watchdogs.
  2. They were bred specifically to hunt badgers and rats and to make foraging simpler for soldiers.
  3. During World War I, they were used in the military due to their capabilities, so it is not true to say that they are not intelligent.
  4. Dachshund Bobblehead have different types and they differ in colors and patterns, including a black spot on a black dog or white with black spots. Some dogs have white markings on their chests and the hair on the head is often straight and long with front bangs.
  5. The name “Dacht” has no recognized origin. “Dachshund,” a German book about dog breeding, was published in 1855. Dr. Wilhelm Dachshund, the book’s author, claimed that the Dachshund was a mixture between the Dachs and the Weimaraner (a German dog).

How to find out more about Dachshund Bobblehead History?

If your interest is increased more after reading Dachshund Bobblehead History and want to know more about them so you can read books available online. There is this book titled “All-American Dachshund” that is great for the people like you, it is by “Jon Webb” and would be a great help. It has detailed information about this dog breed and it also has pictures that will help in better understanding.

There is another book “Dachshunds, Americana” by Tommy Trillo and it is written by one Dachshunds owner so it has a clear description of this dog breed. If you are planning to buy this cute little dog, this book will help you because it has details regarding the health and breeding requirements of different breeds.

You can also read “Dachshunds, America’s First Dogs” by Christine King if this is your first time reading about Dachshund Bobblehead History because this book has detailed and interesting information and tips to avoid pitfalls if you want to raise your dachshunds. The chapters are very easy to read and it is perfect for those who are beginners.

If you want to train your Dachshund Bobblehead then you can read “Puppy Training by Carol Deschene”, this book includes all the tips that will help you learn how to train dogs. It has information about dog activities so you can use them with your new puppy, you will also get to know about the mistakes usually made by dog owners.

Wrapping Up:

Who could believe that these adorable little puppies were bred to hunt? We are as astounded to learn about Dachshund Bobblehead History as you are. Now, these cute dogs exist in various patterns and colors.

If you are thinking to get yourself one, we have also shared the names of some books that will help you in learning more about them and hope that they will be useful to you. You can share your thoughts with us by commenting below!

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