Do BMW M Performance Parts Affect My Car’s Horsepower?

BMW performance parts increase your car’s horsepower. The parts represent dynamic perfection, specialized aesthetics, and uncompromising quality. Such components help drivers to have a great experience on and off the road or racetrack at any given time. Here is how BMW M performance parts affect your car’s horsepower.

Exhaust Systems

A cold air intake system can be installed alongside exhaust systems in your BMW. Exhaust systems play a significant role in power production.

They are initially installed to lower emissions and reduce engine noise. But that compromises power that could be utilized efficiently by your BMW. Investing in aftermarket exhaust systems will decrease back pressure to create a more efficient, free-flowing output.

An upgraded exhaust helps to build a more powerful and efficient exhaust/intake system. The air that flows through your car’s engine will be more efficient, creating a clear path for used air or fuel to escape. Air will also flow in and out of your engine faster, reducing power wastage.

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Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake gives more power and air to your BMW’s engine. Replacing the standard air filter and box with an aluminum or plastic intake tube and a cone-shaped filter will increase horsepower.

More air translates to more combustion leading to gains in horsepower. Cooler air contains oxygen in higher density than warmer air.

Programmers and Tuners

The engine control unit (ECU) performs the role of programming and tuning a BMW for the engine to have more power and perform more efficiently. Programmers and tuners come with settings that the average driver finds most useful.

The ECU utilizes the vehicle’s operation depending on your average driving habits. The truth is BMWs are capable of a lot more than “average.” Upgraded programmers and tuners alter the engine control unit settings for more efficiency and power, increasing your BMW’s capabilities.

Performance Suspension

Most BMW owners will not go off-roading in the mud. Performance suspension parts offer much more than turning your vehicle into an off-roading car. BMW’s performance suspension allows you to feel the stability and control of your vehicle when making hard turns while speeding.

The suspension also allows your BMW to accelerate and stop more efficiently when necessary. Coil springs and sway bars are upgraded suspension parts that can give your BMW better rigidity and high performance.

Fuel Injection

Apart from the air intake and exhaust performance parts, you need to swap your fuel injectors and get more efficient ones to upgrade your BMW’s horsepower. Upgraded fuel injectors are slightly larger and come with a higher competence.

They provide your BMW’s engine with an effective fuel-to-air ratio during the combustion process, providing your engine with more horsepower. Consider upgrading the fuel injection system alongside the exhaust and air intake processes for maximum results.

Wheels and Tires

Wider, bigger tires not only offer a more robust look but they also provide better performance. Wheels of the right width can improve your BMW horsepower eliminating the need to change suspension components.

Upgraded wheels and tires allow you to maintain the right alignment and geometry angles while giving your vehicle an aggressive look on the street or track. They can improve braking, handling, and traction.

Wider, bigger tires don’t have to be heavy. A heavy vehicle will move slower. Lowering the weight will help to increase your vehicle’s power. Replace the rims by upgrading to lighter ones to save several pounds per wheel.

High Flow Catalytic Converter

Even if you modify your BMW heavily, you may lose some power through the exhaust flow. If you struggle to get air into your BMW, the engine will not provide as much power as you need.

Regular catalytic converters don’t allow gases to flow well as possible. Replacing the old catalytic converter with a high-flow catalyst is another way to increase the power of your BMW.

High flow catalytic converters increase airflow because their honeycomb design has large cross-sections. They allow gases to flow efficiently, increasing horsepower. Upgraded catalytic converters allow exhaust gases to flow at a higher rate eliminating restrictions that can hinder performance.

Look for the Best Dealer of BMW Performance Parts

Choose a dealer known for selling quality BMW performance parts to increase your vehicle’s horsepower. Compare multiple dealers to identify one with a good track record in the industry.

Apart from investing in performance-enhancing parts from a reputable dealer, consider ongoing, long-term vehicle care. Procedures like fluid flushes, tire rotations, and oil changes are vital to keeping your BMW in good shape.

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