Here’s knowledge about Warning tape, barrier tapes

Different warning signs are used to alert people to the risk in a range of scenarios that call for particular care to ensure personal safety and security.

To restrict access to dangerous areas, a variety of demarcation methods are used, including reflective signs, warning mats, and Warning tape. The Warning tape or warning mat’s vividly coloured contrast, such as red, yellow, orange, or blue, makes it simple to spot:.

When Are Warning Tapes And Warning Mats Used?

The most typical place for mats to be utilized is over subterranean utility lines like oil, communications, and high-voltage electric cables.

When the authorities isolate a certain perimeter around a crime scene to avoid any attempts at evidence tampering, warning tape is most often used around or at construction sites as well as in such locations.

In areas where there is a high danger of accidents, warning tape or barricade tape may also be employed. Additionally, to alert people to inoperative equipment and appliances, Warning tape or barricade tape with specific warnings written on it is utilized.

As a consequence, it’s usual to see Warning tape blocking your route along the street with ‘risk of electrocution’ or other ‘scary’ signs, forcing you to keep a safe distance.

Check Out The Warning Tape, Barricade Tape, and Warning Mat Color Codes, Which Are Accepted Worldwide.

Color Codes Of Warning Mat Warning
White Proposed excavation
Red  Cables, electric power lines, conduit
Pink Temporary survey markings
Orange Communication, signal lines conduit, alarm
Yellow  Steam, petroleum, gas, oil, gaseous substances
Purple Reclaimed water, slurry lines, irrigation
Blue Potable water
Green  Drain lines and sewers


Color Codes of Warning Tapes

Colour combination of Barricade tapes Purpose
Red/White Fire Prevention And Protection Of Equipment.
Black / White Housekeeping And Aisle Marking.
Magenta / Yellow Radiation Hazards.
Green / White Safety And First Aid.
Blue / White Defective Machinery.
Orange / White Traffic And Caution Warnings.
Black / Yellow Physical Hazards


Meaning of Color Codes

Red Danger Safety warnings in red font.
Stop Machine’s emergency stop button. Firefighting apparatus identification.
Fluorescent Orange/ Orange-Red Bio-safety Labels and containers for infectious waste and blood that are fluorescent orange/orange-red.
Yellow Caution Yellow Warning tapes identify threats including tripping, falling, and hitting.
Orange Warning Energized or mechanical components that might crush, sever, or kill a person.
Green Safety The location of the first aid kit. Warning tapes of this hue are used to indicate where personal protective equipment is located.
Blue Information Information signs



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