How are Online Games Developed?

Online gaming quality is refining with time. Advanced technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc. have deeply influenced the gaming behavior of users. This has resulted in surplus money-making opportunities.

It is expected that in 2023, the gamer population will reach 3.07 billion (Finances Online).  You have to utilize advanced resources when developing games as that will guarantee maximum engagement within a short duration. 

How to Create Online Games?

Developing games is a creative and daunting task. Seeking expert assistance will guide you to proceed correctly. It will also enable you to develop familiarity with steps like:


You have to first determine the game type. Whether it is action, adventure, puzzle, racing, sports, or other game categories. 

When you have decided on the game type, it is time to spot your target audience.

When developing games, you should also look for the most sought-after segments like Whales (biggest game spenders) and Legendary (spending more time on gaming) to earn massive revenue.

Then you have to determine the budget estimate, deploy the right resources, and so on. It is one of the vital steps of game development services. 

Before arriving at the Production phase, you have to prepare a GDD (Game Design Document). It includes game design elements like:

  • Game Story
  • Characters 
  • Game background types
  • Number of gaming levels
  • Game mechanics
  • Gameplay
  • Challenges and hurdles
  • Monetization Options  

All game development companies use a GDD. It serves you as a reference when developing games to avoid confusion. Moreover, presenting such a document to your clients also ensures more financial support to develop a highly-immersive game. 


Now, begins the real task of game development. The completion duration tends to vary depending on your project requirements. This phase is also divided into segments like:

      • Prototype

It involves presenting a visual demonstration to your clients regarding how a game will interact with users, how the characters will be depicted, and other details, at an early stage.

The purpose is to receive feedback and approval before starting the work. Accommodating modifications is possible in this stage quite conveniently. 

All game development companies observe this procedure to ensure the proper accomplishment of your game projects.

      • First Playable

It provides comparatively better visualization of the look and feels of your games alongside the gameplay. Here, you do have the option to alter gaming assets to meet the desired results. 

      • Vertical Slice

It represents a playable game sample. You can use this specimen to avail financial support from recognized game publishers. 

The duration of such a sample mainly lasts from a few minutes to a half-a- hour.

This vertical slice is the hallmark of amazing game development services. It boosts the confidence of clients to assign you the task of game development.

      • Pre-Alpha

In this stage, you develop the maximum gaming content. Here, you do have the opportunity to add new elements or to remove the existing ones. The purpose is to achieve gameplay improvement that will ultimately boost the overall experience.     

      • Alpha

When the game is ultimately developed, your team members should test the performance thoroughly. They have to scrutinize every gaming scene, player-character interaction, game background, and other details pretty comprehensively. 

      • Beta

When your development team is satisfied with the outcome, now send your games for beta testing. The beta testers will provide you with invaluable feedback about the overall gaming experience. It will allow you to conduct more assessments to eliminate bugs and introduce other modifications to magnify the gaming experience. 

Post Production

When the release deadline approaches, you have to preserve the game content from unauthorized access. Every top 10 game development company India works hard to properly secure their game content by utilizing the best industry resources. 

At the same time, you also have to spot other game publishing platforms besides the PlayStore and App Store. You also have to focus on optimizing game apps. It will ensure instant audience attention when you upload your gaming apps to various platforms. 


Game development is a continuous process to achieve a satisfactory outcome. It will be fruitful to hire dedicated game developers. They will assist you at every stage of game development. They will save your time and money by the proper utilization of tools like Unity, HTML5, Unreal, etc. to deliver you the right results. These professionals will help you to conceptualize a unique story content to ensure maximum engagement.

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