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How Do I Update my SEO Content?

Nowadays, content creation never stops. Everyone is coming up with new and unique ideas. Everyone is producing content and attracting the audience to their product and services. Like everyone else, you are also trying your best and coming up with unique content. There are times when you publish your content and that content shows on the first page of SERPs and then there are times when your old content is still unvisited.

Content creation is necessary. However, the attention of the audience can also be grabbed by updating the content you have already posted. The old content that has been aging for a long time can be put into use by updating it.

Why Should I Update my SEO Content?

This question can arise in your mind why should you update old content which is not even getting any visitors.

Here are some answers to your question:

Your Competitors are Always Working on Something New

Your competitors are producing and updating old content all the time. Not only that, but new competitors are also emerging in the market every single day. Not updating the content is going to push you back in the line.

The Behavior of the Searcher Keeps on Changing

A searcher’s behavior changes all of the time. The interests of the people keep on changing. You must update your content with time to stay relevant to the searcher.

The Information is not the Latest

With passing time, the facts and statistics keep on changing. Update the information. Your competitors are going to post content with new information and since your information is not going to be new, the audience is not going to trust your content.

To help you out we are going to tell you about the 5 tips you can use to update your aging content.

5 Tips on How to Update SEO Content:

Updating the Title Tags and Meta Description

  • To improve your clickthrough rate (CTR) update the Title Tag and Meta Description.
  • Write a Title Tag that is more compelling.
  • Put yourself in the shoe of the searcher and write tags according to that. Use tags that are closely related to the query of the searcher.
  • Use Call-To-Action (CTA) like shop now, click here, visit us now, read more, etc.

 Update the Links

  • Update the links that you might have given in the content.
  • Check if the link that you have given is still working or not.
  • Link websites, articles, and blogs that might help the reader.
  • Linking is a way of boosting rankings and keeping the audience interested.

Update Images and Videos

  • If there are images and videos then check if you have added relevant captions or not.
  • Check the size of the image. Often the large size of the image slows down the page and irritates the audience.
  • Reduce the size of the images.
  • Add titles and descriptions for videos.

Update Keywords

  • Write keywords and update them according to the needs and behavior of the searcher.
  • Write keywords that are going to attract the audience.
  • Use keywords that are related to the query of the searcher.

Update the Readability

  • Your content should be easy to understand. It should have clear sentences with simple sentences and words.
  • The words should not be complex.
  • There should be no grammatical errors.
  • There should be a proper flow of information.
  • Everything should be in order.
  • Use headings, sub-headings, transition words, bullet points, bold words, etc. These things should be used to keep the reader engaged.

Update the Information:

  • Update the old information, facts, and statistics.
  • Stay relevant to the current and changing times.

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