How do Skateboards get Wrapped?

The wrapping of anything depends on its size and shape. If the structure of an object is not smooth, it is effortful to wrap it. Same as in the case of skateboard wrapping.

The skateboard contains an average 30 inches flat deck with protruding trucks and wheels. These wheels and trucks cause difficulty in wrapping the skateboard. I will give you some suggestions to solve this kind of problem.

If you want to wrap the skateboard in such a better way that all its parts become covered, and it doesn’t seem that the skateboard is inside then wrap then use any thick sheet or butcher paper before the final wrapping.  

Here are further some steps that will help you to wrap the skateboard perfectly.

Material Require for wrapping a Skateboard

The material that is used in wrapping the skateboard is

  • Cardboard box
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Packaging tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper and pen
  • Decorative cards

All these things are mostly found in our home and we use them on daily bases. Now here is about how to use these things in wrapping.  Using a cardboard box is much better to cover all the parts of the skateboard. The ribbon is used to tie the wrap or for decoration.

Scissors for cutting the paper and making the cardboard box according to the size of the skateboard. Tape is used for binding the wrap. Wrapping paper is used for final wrapping. The measuring tape was used to measure the length and width of the skateboard and paper and decorative cards to decorate the wrapping paper.

Wrapping the Skateboard step-by-step

Following are the steps that will help you to wrap the skateboard.

1. Measuring the Skateboard Size

Every skateboard has a different size and shape. So before wrapping it is compulsory to measure the skateboard. Use the measuring tape to compute the width, and length of the board correctly. 

The accurate measurement will help you to cut the wrapping paper and cardboard box. After taking the measurement write it down on paper to remember it for later use.

2. Making the Cardboard Box

Making the cardboard box for covering is preferable because it gives a flat shape to the skateboard and the problem of sticking out of the wheels is resolved. Through this the surface becomes smooth. The cardboard box measurement should be accurate. To measure the length, width, and depth keenly.

During making the skateboard cover It’s important to consider that the skateboard becomes fits into the cardboard box and some part of the edges will be left to cover its upper side, take it a lid cover. Write down this calculated measurement.

3. Put the Skateboard flate in Cardboard Box 

Now place the skateboard flat into the cardboard box in such a way that it becomes fit into the box. But there should be some leftover space from the corners and edges so that the skateboard does not touch the box, and we can easily cover the upper side of the skateboard by using the other piece of a cardboard box.

4. Enclose the Cardboard Box with tape

After covering the skateboard completely now is the time to fix the cardboard box by using the packaging tape. Use more sticky tape so that the box does not turn to open after some time. 

Tape the corners well and ties the lid to the box correctly.

5. Wrapping the Cardboard Box

This is the step of wrapping the skateboard after it is completely packed into the cardboard box. As the wrapping material, you can use butcher paper, decorative sheet, or any other type of thick paper. 

Now place the bottom of the box in the center of the wrap and there will be some residue wrapping sheet from the sides. Then tie this residue sheet to a cardboard box using tape.

6. Use additional Wrapping Paper 

If any side of the box is left from the wrapping then use the additional paper to cover the top half of the box. Place the paper in such a way that its lines up with the wrapping paper at the bottom. Consider it that all the sides should be covered with paper. To give a good look use tape to seal the edges.

7.  Fold the Sides of the Wrap

Fold the top lengthy sides of the residue wrapping paper in triangular form and twist the paper. Now secure the wrap by using the tape. Repeat the same process on the other side and make sure to bind firmly.

8. Decorate the box

After the box is fully wrapped now it’s time to decorate the box. For decoration, you can use different colorful cards or ribbons. Take the long piece of ribbon and tie the long sides. The other piece from the width, and bind them on the top up.  

How to wrap a skateboard without a box?

If you don’t have a cardboard box for wrapping the skateboard then three steps are used to wrap the skateboard.

1.  Use thick paper to wrap the skateboard

If the box is not available then you can use any type of thick paper or sheet to wrap the skateboard. This will help to cover the poked wheels and doesn’t seem the skateboard inside the wrap. 

2. The endmost wrapping of the skateboard

Wrapping the skateboard by the thick paper, it looks fIat. Now it’s easy to give the final wrapping by using any decorative sheet.

3. Bind the paper by using tape

After wrapping the skateboard thoroughly then bind the residue of the paper by using sticky tape. Do it well to give the neat look.

Can you vinyl wrap a skateboard?

Vinyl sheet can be used for wrapping the skateboard. But it is not recommended stuff because it has not long lifetime and could tear easily. As compared to vinyl sheets more preferable is any thick sheet or butcher paper.


It looks strenuous to wrap the skateboard but I think it is not as difficult if you take it as fun. Most of the things you used in its place in your home and you know how to use them? I hope my article will help you to wrap your skateboard easily and elegantly. 

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