How To Apply For Burundi Visa Online From Turkey?

Burundi Visa is an online service that allows you to apply for a visa from your computer. This is great news for those who can’t travel but still want to make the most of their holiday. Burundi Visa takes all the hassle out of getting a visa and also helps save time too!

Burundi Visa: What You Need to Know

If you are planning to apply for a Burundi visa online from Turkey, there are some things you need to know. First and foremost, you will need a passport that is valid for at least six months after your intended stay in Burundi. Additionally, you will need a visa application form which can be downloaded from the Burundian government’s website. Finally, you will need to provide documents that prove your identity such as a driver’s license or a passport photo.

Steps to Take for an Appointment at the Turkish Consulate

When you’re ready to apply for a Burundi visa online, the process starts by finding an appointment at the Turkish consulate. Appointments are typically available on Friday mornings or afternoons, so it’s important to plan.

Once you’ve booked your appointment, there are a few things you’ll need to bring with you. You’ll need your passport and the application form that you downloaded from the Turkish consulate website. If you’re applying for a tourist visa instead of a work visa. Make sure to bring your passport photo and 2 photocopies of your passport page visas.

You’ll also need some money if you plan on paying for your Turkey Visa Online for Burundi Citizens. The consulate charges US$50 for a tourist visa and US$75 for a work visa. If you don’t have any money to spare, don’t worry – the consulate will still process your application without payment.

After filling out all of the necessary forms, make an appointment with the consulate and arrive prepared!

Burundi Visa Application Process

To apply for a Burundi visa online from Turkey, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create an account on the Turkish Visa Online Application System (VOABS).
  2. Complete your application form and submit it to VOABS.
  3. Pay the visa application fee through VOABS.
  4. Receive confirmation of your application status from VOABS.
  5. Return to this website to check the visa’s processing time and final approval notification.

Getting Your Burundi Visa at the Istanbul Airport

If you are traveling to Burundi, then you will need to get a visa in advance. There are several ways that you can apply for a Burundi visa online from Turkey. The method that you choose will depend on your nationality and the time of year that you are traveling.

To apply for a Burundi visa online from Turkey, first visit the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. On the website, you will need to fill out a form and upload documentation such as a passport photo and your visa application form. You will also need to pay the application fee.

Once you have filled out the application form and uploaded your documents, click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will then be taken to a confirmation page where you will need to click on the ‘Yes’ button to confirm your application. Once your application has been confirmed, you will receive an email containing your visa appointment details.

If you are applying for a Burundi visa online from Turkey during Ramadan, then you will need to submit your application at least two weeks in advance of your travel date. If you are applying for a Burundi visa online from Turkey outside of Ramadan. Also, get a Turkey Visa Online for Cambodia Citizens.


If you’re looking to travel to Burundi, and you don’t have a visa already, now is the time to apply. Turkey has recently become one of the most popular countries for Burundian refugees to apply for a visa, as they are offered temporary residency status while their applications are processed. If everything goes well, your application should take around six weeks. In the meantime, be sure to read up on all of the important steps that need to be taken to obtain a Burundi visa.

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