How to Get a Bad Credit Credit Card: A Helpful Guideline

We cannot entirely deny that the credit card makes our lives much easier in meeting our basic daily needs. There are various banks and credit card companies that offer the credit card to individuals after they have met their predefined criteria. One of the most important credit card factors that plays a crucial role, whether qualifying or increasing a credit limit, is the credit score . People with bad credit – usually a score below 580 have fewer options for a credit card. That’s because a card issuer doesn’t want to take any chances by qualifying those who can’t pay the debt. But don’t lose hope completely, because there are other ways to get a credit card despite a bad credit bureau.

Just because you already have bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get another credit card. You can still use many available alternatives to qualify for the new credit card. In addition, some of the card issuers also offer people with a lower credit rating the opportunity to obtain a credit card. However, if you want to apply for a good credit card that can get you pretty high benefits, you can follow the tips listed below.

Now it’s time to forget everything you’ve been doing with your credit card and think about improving your bad credit to get a new one.


What is bad credit?

The credit score is determined on the track. An area is categorized into its parts excellent, good and bad. Most credit card issuers use the FICO credit score to determine a cardholder’s creditworthiness. So if you have a score of 800 to 850 , then it is considered an excellent score. Likewise, a range of 590 to 700 is a good score and if your credit score is below 580, that is considered bad credit.

Bad credit is caused by various factors, such as responsible cardholder, and more. So these factors play a significant role in bad credit.

Likewise before if you have also applied for bankruptcy then it will lead you to bad or bad Schufa as well. Your points or score will be rejected. Not only that, but this negative act will remain in your credit history for over 10 years, which is enough to affect your credit score.

Simple tips to get a credit card with bad credit

Be sure to go through all the options listed to get the best result.

Check your credit score

Well, you probably know you have bad credit if you’ve previously applied for a credit card or other loan-like service. And you could also get rejected because of your bad credit, right? At this point, you could suddenly apply without checking your credit history. So don’t make the same mistake this time, but first know where your credit score is.

To check credit, request your credit report from the three major credit bureaus ( TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian ). Federal law allows you to get your credit report every 12 months for free, but you must request your report first. After you receive a report, take the time to review your full report so you know how much credit you should need to qualify for a card. And also check whether your current score makes you eligible for the next credit card or not.

Besides, you can also check your credit score on free version website. However, you should be aware of these websites as you may be asked to complete the signup process. This may require you to provide your credit card number to receive a free credit score. So they charge you for your trial subscription. And if you don’t want to pay a fee, use the previous method.

Do not apply for a credit card that requires a good score

It is better not to apply for a credit card that requires a good score, even though you may think your application can be approved. On the one hand, your application will definitely be rejected, on the other hand, it damages your credit rating, doesn’t it? Well, if you keep getting a rejection after a while, that will supplement your credit report. The more you apply, the more your credit score goes down. Here you already have bad credit; Now you have even more bad credit score.

It can be said that these credit cards are aimed at someone who has an excellent credit history because of the benefits they offer to the cardholders. A credit card that offers good rewards, bonuses, a low APR and interest rate always targets the customer with good credit. That’s because a card issuer believes it can pay its borrowed debt from time to time.

And there’s no way you can fit your bad score into that category, even though you can pay off your debt on time. Your application is therefore more likely to be rejected.

Makes the decision to turn on better maps

Let’s say you have a bad credit card and you think your current situation will be on the right track – but that’s not the case. Do you know why?

Well, firstly you have bad credit and even then you will not receive any offers or benefits for using the card. You also pay a high annual fee, interest, deposit. Not only that, you also have a low credit limit, which helps you avoid spending more on the purchase. However, these situations are short-lived, but their impact is increasing.

So, here’s one thing you can do like pay a bill from time to time. Pay off your debt as soon as possible when you save extra money in your wallet. If you become the responsible cardholder over time, you will switch to another card in about 12 to 18 months. With some secured cards, cardholders can also switch to the unsecured card without closing the checking account.

Make a perfect vision and follow it for your better financial future.

Improve your credit score with tracking

Another way to get a credit card despite bad credit is to improve your credit score through tracking. If you want to switch from your current secured card to another, you must first learn how to manage all your finances. If you keep your credit score on track, your credit report will automatically recover over time.

You can get some useful tips by visiting any of these websites to get your credit score.

Additionally, some credit card companies also provide the cardholder with credit tracking tools that you can use to check your score. Not only can you track your credit score, but you can also protect your credit card from fraud.

So it’s all about improving your credit score by improving it day by day so you can switch to another better credit card.

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Look for a credit card with bad credit

If you are struggling with bad credit, you can look for credit cards that will qualify your application even though you have bad credit. However, people with bad credit are not always approved by all card issuers. Still, there is hope where few card issuers can give you a credit card.

Aside from that, some of the retailers also approve the application for those who have bad credit. You are more likely to be accepted by these retailers, but there is a restriction that you can only use your credit card in-store. You can’t use it as a Visa and Mastercard, but if you’re only shopping in stores it’s a great deal. However, if the merchant simply accepts your application, you may have to pay a higher interest rate and even get low credit limits.

Likewise, you can convert your secured card to an unsecured card if you become a responsible cardholder over time. Also, there’s a chance your security deposit is preventing you from getting a secured credit card. If so, add $50 to your savings account for the next 6 months. After that, a small amount of your deposited funds will be used for your application and the rest in your main balance. What helps a cardholder is that there is an opportunity to get an unsecured credit card. However, you have to reckon with a low credit limit.

Even if you have bad credit, you can apply for or get another credit card.

Apply for the Retail Store Cards

You can also use the Retail Store Card if you have bad credit. Retail cards are issued for a specific store or in a family business. You can buy the goods and items in this store even though you have bad credit. That’s because you can easily get a retail card approved. The good thing about loyalty cards is that you can even get certain discounts, rewards and cashback bonuses.

Retail cards also help you build credit. So if you have bad credit, you can slowly increase your credit over time.

What we don’t like about the retail cards is that they have a high APR and interest. In order to be able to enjoy the good advantages of loyalty cards, you also have to deal with the consequences.

Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit Score | Credit cards for bad credit

You can continue to use the credit cards even if you cannot improve your credit score. For those who have very bad or bad credit, they can use the best credit cards listed below.

Bad credit doesn’t mean you can use or get a credit card. So don’t lose hope and grab one of those credit cards that don’t require good credit.

  • Discover it secured
  • Secured OpenSky Visa credit card
  • Capital One secured MasterCard
  • Indigo Unsecured Mastercard
  • Merrick Bank Secured Visa
  • Credit One Bank Platinum Visa
  • Credit Builder Secured Visa Credit Card

frequently asked Questions

Here we have an FAQ on our article topic How to get a credit card in 2022 despite a bad credit bureau.

Can I get a credit card with a credit score of 500?

Well, with your 500 credit score, you can have a secured credit card that works just like a traditional card, but you have to put down the security deposit. However, some card issuers can issue a credit card after your 500 points, but you’ll have to pay a higher interest rate and even get a low credit limit.

Can I get a line of credit with bad credit?

For those with a poor score, it can be difficult to get a line of credit as the card issuer or a bank may not approve your application.

How do you know if you have bad credit?

If you want to know whether you have bad credit or good credit, you can use the free tools to check your credit. One of the best free online tools allows you to check your credit score in minutes. So visit the site and check your credit today.

Which shops approve bad credit?

Here are the credit cards of the following stores, which you can use to enjoy your daily shopping in the department stores. The cards of the following stores are:

  • Macy’sMacy’s credit card
  • Belk credit card
  • Kohl’sKohl’s Charge Card
  • Dillard’s Dillard’s credit card
  • TJX Rewards Credit Card
  • JCPenney credit card
  • Nordstrom retail card


Having bad credit is a frustrating thing — but there’s still hope where you can get a credit card despite bad credit. It is not necessary for all cardholders to have a good score, some of them struggle with bad credit as well. You even have a chance to get another best credit card, but only by improving your score from time to time.

So don’t worry and always remember your bad credit, follow the above option which is very helpful to get a credit card even though you have bad credit.

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