How To Produce Content To Retain Your Customers?

Producing material that attracts users within the internet is part of the work of those involved in Content Marketing. Still, a perhaps more complex part comes: creating content to retain customers.

For an online business to achieve its objectives, it is essential to retain those users who have already tried part of the information that the brand shares on its website or blog.

At this stage, it is about providing even more value and quality. So you find in your business an indisputable source of authority on some subject.

We will tell you how to produce content to retain your customers. And we will talk about what are the best types and the advantages of retaining your buyers through valuable material. Let us begin!

The Flywheel method and customer retention from content

Keeping your consumers updated and responding to their needs and concerns may seem very complicated if there are many of them. But there are ways such as the Flywheel methodology that can make this task easier.

This technique was able to bring together marketing, sales, and loyalty in a single strategy. Instead of taking the user through a “funnel” (referring to the sales funnel ), it invites him to a wheel. That is, it provides him with a cycle that has no end.

The Flywheel methodology is made up of the union of engagement (interaction) and the user experience. And it works as follows: you attract your client, establish direct interaction with him, and give him an experience that he will not be able to forget so that, at This, in turn, attracts other users and the cycle repeats itself.

When we talk about the customer life cycle, the Flywheel allows it to become a continuous and sustainable process over time. It provides the tools to accompany users from the moment they come across the brand for the first time to giving them reasons to continue being consumers of the products you offer.

The impact that the Flywheel had on Inbound Marketing is undeniable, providing positive changes for those of us who use this technique. We share the main ones:

  • There is no end: when the customer makes the purchase, a new cycle begins, which favors the enrichment of the relationship with that customer and the formation of new relationships.
  • Aggressive loyalty: More aggressive customer retention habits are acquired using this technique to generate more commercial exchanges.
  • Retention turns the wheel: Attracting leads, engaging, and delivering enjoyable experiences create the force that keeps the wheel turning.

Content can be created to retain customers; each of them is designed to generate a memorable experience for the user and make them come back to you. Action can cause higher billing levels for your business and the attraction of new customers.

What content formats can I produce to retain customers?

With the information about your audience or the buyer person (ideal client) well defined, it is time to create some content that attracts and retains users at the same time.


Videos are currently the most consumed format in the world. Through them, you can transmit messages in an optimal and simple way, as well as answer questions or give advice.

For example, in the video, you can answer direct questions about the products or services you offer, talk about the brand and its history, show the production process, tutorials, and more, with the intention that the user becomes familiar with the whole company.

FlexClip is my favorite video creation tool these days. You can create videos for your business with their fabulous template in minutes.

Blog posts

The articles of a blog are the main basis of a Content Marketing strategy and one of the most used content to retain customers within Digital Marketing.

To adapt them to your type of business, you need to think about the common problems that your customers face in their daily lives and what specific terms they use to find answers on the web.

It is also very important that the articles you publish are linked to the main topics that revolve around your business. For example, if your brand sells clothing, the good idea is to prepare a complete material of widely recognized events in that universe, such as New York Fashion Week. This way, you will be able to attract people whose interests have points of convergence with your segment.


Keeping your customers updated and nourished with information is an excellent way to retain them.

This is a direct channel with them, where you can capture their full attention while reading. To achieve this, create content that is easy to read and of great value.

Take the opportunity to send them special offers and exclusive content for those who have already left you their information in a form or made a purchase.

4 characteristics of content that retain customers

Providing content to the user so that they find a reliable information space in your business is not an easy task, but it is not impossible at all. Adopting some techniques and recommendations you can achieve it, look:

1) Target the right audience

Well-crafted Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies are the ones that directly impact the ideal audience.

If an article, for example, is broadcast to the wrong audience, it will hardly fit into the definition of content to retain customers.

2) Encourage interaction

Before thinking about selling your product through content, you have to produce materials that solve the real problems of your consumers.

In this way, the public will feel more attracted to read your other materials and trust your recommendations. In addition, being interested in their opinions and questions (and actively responding to them) is one of the best ways to build loyalty.

3) Give him what he needs

Inbound Marketing allows you to provide content to the client adapted to their needs and “pains.”

It is necessary to create content for each stage of the customer journey: attraction, consideration, and decision.

In the consideration stage, for example, the user can search Google for the keyword “ how to avoid cart abandonment in my online store.” If you produce content that directly answers this question, you will be giving him the information he needs to solve the problem he expressed in this same search.

The advice you provide can be very useful to the user. This can generate more trust in your brand and help it stick in their minds. And the same principle applies to customers that you have already conquered and that you want to retain.

4) I produced after-sales content

Making the customer understand the true value of the product or service with didactic and easy-to-understand content is your obligation after the sale is closed.

This process can help many consumers feel engaged with your brand, making them come back to you.

Now, surely you are wondering how all this applies to practice. And that is precisely what we are going to tell you next!

What advantages will you obtain by retaining customers with content?

The advantages can be many! But let’s mention the main ones:

1. They will think of you when appropriate

Valuable content, published and disseminated frequently, helps customers to think of you as one of the first options during a time of need or renewal.

2. Solve the needs of users

It is not about selling just to sell. And it is about providing a true and quality solution so that they prefer you over your competition. This is only possible once you acknowledge their “pains” and help them resolve them.

3. Improve your reputation

Once the user knows you and trusts your content and recommendations, he will have a positive opinion of you. It can undoubtedly strengthen your online reputation and authority on a specific topic or problem.

4. Discover other “pains” and interests

Within the work of building loyalty and strengthening relationships, you will learn more about your customers and about other problems and interests they have.

Take advantage of the comments left on your content or responses to emails to find new business ideas for your brand. This can also make you retain them.

Are you ready to turn your brand into a reference?


Methodologies designed to create content to retain customers are a strategy that works very well, and many companies implement them.

We hope you like our article. And from now on, you can focus on developing targeted content to build loyalty and retain your company’s customers.

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