How to start using the Clinics On Cloud Health kiosk atm?

What do you know about the health ATM kiosk? A health kiosk is a self-examination kiosk used for the vital signs of health screening and health evaluation.

 Self-operation of health kiosks indicates that it is a user-friendly and easy program to understand. The working of the health kiosk is easily understood in simple steps, along with the voice prompt that helps to teach the people how to check their health on this software machine. If you also want to access to health checkup services, then clinics on the cloud are the best fit for you.

What is the measure by health kiosks?

Health kiosks can measure weight, height, body composition, blood pressure, bone mass, body water, temperature, glucose, blood oxygen, and uric. 

The health service results are also uploaded to the hospital’s information system before the patient sees the doctor. It can also be installed in organizations, companies, and communities to get a general health evaluation. 

How to use the clinics on cloud health kiosks?

1. Check-in

First, you must input your mobile phone number or email address or scan your QR code of health ATM. After that, you have to scan your identification card to start the operation of using the health kiosk. 

2. Height and weight

Stand on the platform, and the health kiosk will automatically measure your height and weight to calculate your BMI. It helps you to determine whether you are average-weight or overweight.

3. Temperature 

Here, you have to hold the thermometer and test the temperature of your forehead. It can be done to make sure that there are no hats and hair in front of your forehead.  

4. Blood oxygen

Insert your index fingertip into the oximeter probe, and make sure that your fingertip is properly touching its bottom. This process will only take 10-15 seconds to complete. 

5. Blood pressure

Here, you have to insert your arm and measure the blood pressure. Health kiosks make this process user-friendly because it can be easily adjusted. You can choose other directions according to your convenience at the time of measurement. 

6. Report

Click on the Report button to take a review of your health ATM data. Then, tap on the email to receive the health report on your email id. The best thing is that your health data are automatically stored in the cloud server of clinics on the cloud, from where you can get your past health data anytime. 

Health kiosk to increase the well being

  • A health kiosk is considered the health screening well-being station that is best fit to use by commodities, organizations, and schools. 
  • Clinics on the cloud provide medical-level health self-examinations without assistance, where the patients can easily take the measurements in a few steps. 
  • It takes around 5 minutes only, and you walk away with a report ticket along with the health references. 
  • The health kiosk is preferred to be used in hospitals and clinics either, to bring efficiency to the patient information collection before seeing a doctor. 
  • After that, the results can be transferred to an electronic medical process. 

 The final note

This article is written on the way in which the health ATM kiosk is preferred used. After reading the complete article, it is concluded that the health kiosk is the best innovation by the clinics on the cloud that are embedded with the activated video camera for online telemedicine. 

It helps the patients and healthcare professionals to experience a friendly environment and make more interaction with each other to build trust.

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