Integrating SEO and social media marketing

Search engines and social media are the two mostly used methods of digital marketing. They have drastically changed there graph from last few years from low to high.

There usage is increasing day by day and companies are using these two platforms to promote there brand as they are getting tremendous result from here.  Also SEO and social media are developing there algorithms to provide more advance features to users. 

Both of them if used together by organizations to make there brand identity in market then mark my words there will be an outstanding result provided by them from millions of users which you would not have thought of. 

Point to be considered while integrating SEO and social media

Use attractive keywords and phrases 

To make easy for the users to search you on google and yahoo it is crucial to use the unique and attractive keywords. So that by typing the name in search engine related to your website it redirects the users to your page. This can only be done by Exploring market to make clear that how search engines are used by people and which words are mostly typed by them to search anything. By this way you can make best keyword or phrase for your website. Google AdWords and Microsoft keyword searcher is the tool used by some people to search unique keywords.

Make Content bold

Content is the backbone of online business. It is considered as the cover page of website, making it more Informatics, bold and authentic can grab the attention of maximum number of users towards your website. Content can be created in the form of videos, blogs and picture with below mention details as these are the latest trend in market.

Make multiple social accounts 

If you want to get response from million of people around the world then you should make your presence in multiple social networking sites.  As they have visibility worldwide.  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are the most widely used social sites among all age group people.  Brand promoted here will get instant response of interested customers. Also immediate feedback is given to satisfy customer and to make long relation with them. 

Communicate with customers

This is also a crucial step to integrate marketing. Communicating with you potential customers help to gain there trust and you can also solve there queries on the spot. Remember satisfied customer will recommend others about your website and brand. 

Use Paid Promotion 

To get instant increase of traffic in your website and your sale then it is better to use some paid promotion method. Pay per click is a most effective method which create your product in the form of banner and pop-ups which prompt in search engines whenever a user make search to grab there attention. 

All the above methods are cost effective except PPC. Also they can be used by any marketer whether small or large to make promotion of brand worldwide. 

SEO and social media are the most famous terms used by every single user now days. 

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Written by Gaurav Heera, Delhi Courses Institute ‘s founder who’s also an Edupreneur & passionate stock market analyst having more than a decade experience in the industries. His institute provides multiple job oriented courses like stock market, cyber security and is listed under top ten digital marketing institutes in Delhi.

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