Is It Ethical to Hire Writers to Write an Assignment?

Today, students are faced with additional challenges when completing their assignments. Not only do they have to meet their deadlines, but they also should prepare for their upcoming examinations. Hence, they have no other option but to hire a writer to submit their work on time.

But, questions about the authenticity of this method remain. While some consider hiring skilled writers are harmless, others might disagree with seeking professional assignment help

Hiring Expert Assignment Writers – Is It Justified?

When it comes to hiring a writer to do your work, there are ethical considerations that you should take into account. You must first realize that cheating is never acceptable. Copying other people’s work might spoil your academic impression. Therefore, though you’ve hired a writer to compose your assignment, you might inadvertently harm your educational progress. 

You can hire professional and skilled assignment writers if they are an expert in that field. Hence, you must verify them by revising their past samples and portfolios. The customer reviews section can give you a clear idea of delivering a positive experience to their earlier customers. The quality of their spoken English will help you determine the final quality of your assignment. 

The ethical requirements for hiring a writer to work on your assignment depend on the service type. You can choose proficient writers who can deliver better working styles and help you get more marks. You can also earn higher marks on your assignments as professional assignment helpers will deliver unique and custom-built assignments to you. 

The Potential Dangers of Plagiarism

If your paper is caught in plagiarism, your instructor might ask you to redo your work. But, if you hire a professional writer in such a time, the consequences might be severe. For example, you might receive fewer or no marks if someone watches you commit plagiarism. Or, you might face harsher penalties.

That brings us to the question:

Does hiring a writer for your assignment mean you are causing plagiarism?

When your teacher asks you to produce your unique paper, they want to see how well you have grasped the subject. The assignment also lets your teacher assess your capacity to communicate, analyze and draw conclusions from that information. 

The purpose of assigning an assignment is to test your skills. But, when you pay a professional writer to do your work, your teacher cannot evaluate your progress. 

  1. When you paid service to write your homework, you’re lying to your teacher about your work. Once you put your name on the cover sheet or the top of the paper, you claim it is your work (although, in reality, it’s not). 
  2. Your friends have made their efforts to achieve the grades you got by paying your money. 

Difference Between “Purchasing” and “Ownership” of an Assignment 

According to copyright laws, purchasing a work does not transfer copyright ownership. The author reserves the copyright unless the writer has signed a contract or an organization’s employee makes it. 

The ownership doesn’t apply to you if you’ve purchased the assignment. So, if the writer has agreed that you can use it, from the eyes of the law, it’s still their work. Only a contract that offers transference of copyright will let you claim ownership of the work. 

Thus, purchasing your paper doesn’t turn it into your work. Therefore, the only way to own your work is by conducting your research and writing it down yourself. But how do you write your composition and submit it before the deadline? That is what we shall discuss in the following section.

9 Tips to Write Your Assignment by Yourself

Now that you know how dangerous it is to hire a writer to complete your homework let us discuss some simple tips to help you deliver your assignment.

  1. Make a questions list – Once you revise the assignment requirement, you can write some smaller questions for yourself. The answer to these questions will help you address the main question. 
  2. Think about the answers – When you’ve gathered the questions, it’s time to reflect on the answers. Take some time while you answer those small questions. Arrange your solutions in the following order – 

(i) The prompt from the introduction to the main essay

(ii) Answering 3 mini-prompt questions.

(iii) Rewrite the main essay prompt’s answer using a summary of the mini-prompt answers.

  1. Expose your weaknesses – There is no fault if you fail to show perfection in your work. Your expression of self-awareness and your willingness to improve are all that count. Your teacher is more interested in your efforts than in your perfection.
  2. Follow a schedule – A schedule is helpful as you’ll know what is expected and when to deliver your homework. A timetable will help you remain well-prepared, conduct sufficient research, draft your work and submit your homework. 
  3. Attempt the toughest assignment first – While attempting to complete your homework, you must start with the most difficult task. This way, you can clear your mind from an unnecessary burden and realize completing other assignments will become easy. 
  4. Stay away from distractions – While watching TV or listening to music is nice, it’s best to avoid them while you’re working on your assignment. It’ll help you save time and finish your homework sooner. 
  5. Occasional breaks are helpful – Studying at a stretch for long hours is unhealthy. Sometimes, you need a 10-minute break after studying for long periods. You can also take power naps to boost your energy levels.
  6. Check for plagiarism – After you’ve completed your assignment, don’t forget to check your work for plagiarism. There are several online plagiarism tools available that are free-to-access and user-friendly. Use tools like Plagium or SmallSEO Tools to determine the authenticity of your work.        
  7. Keep an eye on the deadlines – Do not forget to check the deadlines while working on your assignment. It’s better if you can submit your homework before the assignment deadline. 


So you see, hiring professional writers to do your work is not unethical. On the contrary, they can help you manage your tasks and deliver them on time. But, if you want to claim that work as yours, you must write it in your words before submitting them to your teacher.

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