Is There a Zillow for Costa Rica?

If you are planning to buy a house in Costa Rica, the first step you have to take is to make a formal offer, also known as a letter of intent. This is a very basic letter that states your intent to buy a particular property. The letter should also include your price range, which your real estate agent can help you determine. Closing costs in Costa Rica are typically around 4% of the purchase price. It is also important that you choose the best and most trustworthy real estate company just like Coldwell Banker Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

You can search for properties in all regions of Costa Rica. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, a long-term rental, or a developer’s dream land, you’re sure to find a property on the Properties in Costa Rica website. You can also search by price range and region. There’s an extensive collection of listings in Costa Rica, including luxury homes and developer dream lands.

The Costa Rican real estate market is not as fast and efficient as the United States. Although you can still browse through houses for sale on Costa Rican real estate websites, they can often have outdated information and are only available to those with money. A better way to search for a home is by using a local real estate agent. However, the best way to find a local realtor is to contact one in your area and request an introduction.


You can also purchase a property in the name of a corporation, a Sociedad Anonima (SA) or Sociedad Responsabilidad Limitada (SL). A real estate attorney can help you with the legal side of the transaction. You can also use a retirement fund or 401(k) plan to buy property in Costa Rica. Just remember to find a Costa Rica real estate attorney, as not all of them are familiar with such legal procedures.

While there is no Zillow for Costa Rica, you can find similar property listings and compare them with prices online. Moreover, you can consult a real estate agent to get detailed information about the area and house prices in your area. The most important step when buying property in Costa Rica is to choose the right real estate broker. If you are an American looking for a property in Costa Rica, you’re used to a transparent real estate market in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.


The best way to find a real estate agent in Costa Rica is to visit your local Costa Rican community. These communities are vibrant and can help you find a place to buy property in Costa Rica. You can even make friends with local expatriate communities and use them to find a property in Costa Rica. You’ll definitely find a great home! You won’t be sorry!

Although there aren’t many real estate sites for Costa Rica, you can find listings on Google Maps and Google. It’s also helpful to know that Costa Rican banks are not open to non-residents and their interest rates are very high. You might want to consider owner financing if you’re buying a rental property in the country. Typically, you’ll receive a 7.5% return on your investment.

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