List of Top 10 Restaurants to Try in Lahore

There is a famous proverb saying in Pakistan which is common, “Many people live to eat, while others eat to stay alive” Of course, having said that Lahore is the hub for food. Earlier, people use to be fond of Karachi’s Street food. Time and the best food catering in Lahore have made it possible to change the narrative of people. Where Karachi is famous for its spicy Biryani, Lahore is famous for its scrumptious BBQ, Sajji, and other desi foods. 

Earlier the restaurant was only the spot considered for having food, but now it has become a trend for restaurants to have good locations and ambiance for people so that they can enjoy their meal with the perfect ambience. Lahore has come to the top of the list of best cities that offer the best food and catering services in Lahore. 

We have brought down a list of top ten restaurants in Lahore that offer the best catering services along with good locations for memorable events. 

Al-Khan Restaurant 

Al-Khan Restaurant is known for its organic herbs prepared food. Its mutton BBQ platter is the most ordered dish at a restaurant. The way they serve it is remarkable. With good locations, presentation of the food and now adding to the list, how the food is served leaves people amazed and they visit the restaurant again. Al-Khan provides the best food catering in Lahore, which makes events memorable with amazing food and great taste. 

Indigo Hotel

Indigo Heights is the best rooftop restaurant in Lahore. The restaurant is situated in Gulberg, from their top view half of the Gulberg can be viewed. They offer the best food, rooftop view, amazing ambience, and best catering service for unforgettable memories.

Spice Bazar

Spice Bazar in no less time has been added to the list of best restaurants in Lahore. The restaurant is a bit expensive, but it serves delicious food. Once people visit, want to go again. They offer catering services for events, weddings, and occasions. The quantity served if compared with the price does not do justice but the restaurant offers great taste.

Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan as its best for food, they are also known for the catering service they offer. bakery items are liked the same way as their food. The purpose of catering is to offer good quality food, Bundu Khan serves this purpose remarkably.

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli restaurant is situated in old Lahore. Old Lahore is famous for its historical places and beautiful architecture. The same is what Haveli offers. The best food with the amazing architecture of the restaurant makes it look like a historical restaurant running. 

Bistro 201

Bistro 201 offers good quality taste and a good view. Serves as both, a restaurant, and a café. It has a lot of options on the menu covered with desi, continental, Italian and fast food, etc. Bistro offers catering services at affordable rates. 

Salt n Pepper Village

Salt n Pepper Village is a huge chain of restaurants running successfully in Karachi and now in Lahore. For visiting Salt n Pepper, reservations are required. Otherwise, the people would have to wait for their turn. It is a busy restaurant, which serves an amazing buffet as well.

Dera Restaurant

Dera Restaurant gives a complete desi vibe. The entrance reminds the people of forgotten Punjabi culture. Theirs dine-in also offers modern dining along with a mixture of Punjabi culture. The food served at Dera is delicious and does justice to the price. The food presentation is average, but the food taste is amazing. Dera Restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining. It keeps the culture alive with the desi food.

Gourmet Restaurant

Gourmet has expanded its hands in the long run. It has bakeries, restaurants, and catering services too. As a Gourmet bakery is most preferred for food items, likewise the restaurant is also preferred for Pakistani dishes. It offers desi food at reasonable prices and enough quantity. 


Lastly, taking about Maalga has been known for the Arabic rice known as “mandi” that it serves. Maalga is the best restaurant if one wants to have authentic mandi rice. Apart from the Arabic rice that it serves, Maalga is known for other dishes too. The prices are affordable, and the quality served is the best.

These were the top ten restaurants in Lahore that serve the best food at affordable prices. To choose one if we consider all needs for catering and food, it is Al-Khan Restaurant. It serves as the best food catering in Lahore. It has two branches in Lahore. Catering services when a person looks for, agenda is the best quality of food. This purpose is fulfilled at Al-Khan. Their rates are affordable, they give amazing taste and quality of food. Al-Khan kitchen, restaurant, and catering, all three services that they provide, they do it with excellence. 

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