Moving motors: 4 top reasons to import your car from Japan

Aussie motorists are learning hard and fast that importing their vehicle from Japan is a great way to ensure incredible value for money. There are plenty of places where they can find high quality vehicles from fantastic services with low rates, and Japan is one of the world’s ultimate places to find such vehicles. Japanese car shipping to Australia can be very cheap, especially when you consider the fantastic services that come with it.

With this in mind, here are four outstanding benefits of importing your vehicle from Japan to Australia:

  • It is easy to find quality Japanese vehicles for sale

It’s a well-known fact that vehicles from Japan’s auctions and dealerships are some of the cheapest going around. As new models are regularly introduced in Japan, the vehicles tend to depreciate quickly, thus forcing older models to be sold at much lower prices. What’s more, many Japanese people place a great emphasis on caring for their vehicles very well, ensuring you can easily find a high quality, well-maintained older model for an outstanding price. Finally, as Japanese motorists continue to buy new models, the used vehicle market expands, ensuring that you will continue to be able to find quality vehicles for great prices.

  • Import taxes can be lower

Luxury car shipping to Australia can be truly expensive. In certain cases, the pre-owned import tax becomes much greater than the car’s actual price. Conversely, this isn’t the case when you want to import a Japanese vehicle, as they are not associated with an import tax. When buying a vehicle from Japan, you don’t have to worry about spending thousands on import tax, and all other taxes are relatively low as compared to other nations, too.

  • It’s easy to find quality vehicles in top condition

Regardless of the model you are looking to buy, it is quite easy to find a vehicle that is in outstanding condition. Most vehicles you will find are just about showroom clean, and there are many options to choose from.

In Japan, vehicles become more expensive to maintain as they get older, this means that vehicle owners have to pay higher inspection and registration fees the longer they keep the vehicle – this often means that they will happily trade in their barely used vehicles and this often creates fantastic results for Aussie motorists.

But then why don’t they just dispose of their vehicles instead? Well, it’s really not that simple, as they will also have to pay a large fee if they are going to send off their vehicle to the junkyard, so they often opt to sell their older cars at extremely low prices just to get the best return on investment – this is often the case even if they barely used the vehicle.

  • You will be purchasing a high quality vehicle

Japan is well-renowned for being one of the world’s most respected car manufacturers, and automakers are constantly coming with stunning new, highly innovative designs that are also perfect for Aussie drivers, too.

All you have to do is take some time to research your options, choosing a vehicle that is most suitable for your needs. And, with so many options available for such outstanding prices, it’s little wonder so many drivers are making the switch to importing quality models from this highly respected national industry.

We hope you will find your dream Japanese vehicle, too!

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