On-demand Business Industry in Thailand with Gojek Clone App

Thailand is a booming industry with rapid business investments happening in multi-service apps. It’s because the entrepreneurs have realized the true potential of the on-demand multi-service apps like Gojek Clone. Its 82+ services have not only made the lives of the Thai citizens easy but also opened up unimaginable opportunities for the entrepreneurs as well! People commute daily via taxi, ordering food online, getting their medicines delivered to their doorstep, and even booking spa appointments with this app. 

Rule the Thai On-demand Service Market in 2022

The world is in awe because of the Coronavirus. It took the death toll to its highest in history. However, to overcome the fright, people started taking precautions. More so, other features help tackle the security hassles, communication gaps, etc. 

Let’s take a look at all of the features here. See how the on-demand Gojek Clone app features will help you rule the Thai business market in 2022! 

Modern-age features 

  • Smart login feature 

Users can log in with their Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning. iPhone users can use Face ID whereas, the Android users can use Fingerprint Scanning to login. This feature eliminates the need to remember the passwords and usernames every time they want to log in.  

  • Signup or Sign-in using OTP Authentication 

This is the updated signup and sign in feature of the app. Here the user has to only provide their email or phone number. An OTP will be sent to the registered number or email address. 

Covid-19 safety features 

  • Facemask verification 

The taxi booking app integrates the feature where the taxi driver first needs to click and upload their selfie wearing a face mask. It is only after they upload the photo can they accept the ride request and begin the ride. 

  • Safety checklist 

This Gojek Clone app feature enlists all the WHO-regulated guidelines related to Covid-19 protection. It includes measures like: 

  • Wear a face mask 
  • Sanitize your hands regularly 
  • Handle your personal belongings like luggage, car seats, etc. 
  • Try to make an online payment


Security features 

  • Panic button 

Having a panic button in the taxi app is important. It’s the SOS button that the customers can use whenever they feel threatened while on the trip. A single tap on the panic button will send a “HELP” message to the customer’s 5 emergency contacts. The rider’s current location will be sent to the police and the app admin as well. 

  • Gender preferred driver 

This feature is specially for women who travel by taxi. They can choose to book a female driver if they want to. This taxi booking feature has been designed keeping in mind the security of female passengers. 

Smooth communication features 

  • Video calling with the service provider

This is the latest feature of the Gojek Clone app. Here, the users can initiate a video call with the delivery driver. Both the parties can now communicate with each other over the video call and ask away all the queries that they might have. 

  • In-app chatting 

Users and providers can easily chat with each other over the app itself. This internet-based chatting not only waives off SMS charges but also keeps the private number hidden! 


Do you wish to own an app that can make you a millionaire? Well, then  Gojek Clone is that magical app that you have been waiting for. It has 82+ on-demand services to offer plus a bundle of attractive features. 

So, launch the app right now and capture the entire on-demand service market in Thailand. Ask for a free demo of the Gojek Clone App so that you can figure out its working mechanism. Visit the Official Site of a White-Labeling Firm and get in touch with their Sales Representatives!

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