Proportional flow control valve – All you need to know

Proportional flow control valve is actually a valve which is use to manage the flow of fluid in a pneumatic system. The flow of fluids is control by varying the size of the restrictor. The restrictor in the proportional valve can help you restrict the opening size of the valve from where the fluid is going to pass from (flow passage). Now you must know that the modern proportional flow valves can help you not only monitor and manage the outlet pressure of fluid but it is also going to help you maintain other minor parameters like weight, thickness, temperature, level, humidity and density of the fluid.
Here you should know that the proportional flow control valve devices are not only used for regulating fluids but also air and gasses and in these kinds of applications the devices which are used are known as air proportional flow control valve equipment. In these air control valves you can see that the restrictor is control with the help of signals with the help of digital controllers which are also call as actuators.
There are basically two kinds of proportional flow control valve devices. The first are the ones that are directly operate with the help of a two way valve just like solenoid valves. While the second one instead of two proportional relief valve sides there is one plunger which is also call as the restrictor.
What are the typical applications of the proportional flow control valves?
Here we have discussed some of the common applications of the proportional control valves.
Flame control
One of the most common applications of these control valves is in burners. Gas being burn in the burner systems or stoves can be control with the help of modern hydraulic proportional valve equipment. Here you can select your desired ratio or gas or the flame with the controller. The outlet pressure is maintain according to the requirement of the respective process.
Mixtures of cold and warm waters
You have been using the proportional flow control valve in your bathrooms without knowing about it. Well the mixer installed in your shower or sink is a big example of these valves. These are use to maintain the temperature of water by adding some from both sides according to the requirement of the user. In the past manual valves were use but today you can see temperature controlled mixer systems for this purpose.
Air flow control
Ever had a flat tire? Well you must know that Proportional flow control valve is also use in the air filling service stations. With the help of the digital actuators you can fill up air to a set level given by the electronic monitor via signals. You must know that with the help of these devices there is almost zero chance of loss or leakages.
Here you should know that in the past mechanical devices were used for pressure and level which were not at all user friendly but today you have these electronic devices for easier management.

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