Questions You Should Always Ask Your Butcher

A butcher shop can be a great source of fresh and higher-quality meat. Butchers can offer a wide range of meat and cuts and recommend the most flavorful ones. Before buying, you need to ask them the right questions to get the ideal cuts for your favorite dish. Here are questions to ask the next time you’re at a whole animal butcher shop: 

Where Do You Get Your Meat From?

Some butchers process their meat in-house, while others buy from farmers. Asking about the source of the meat you intend to buy will tell you a lot about its quality and whether you should buy it. If they process the meat in-house, ask about their processes to determine if it’s safe for consumption. Some butchers may be willing to show you the processes. 

If they source from farmers, ask why they choose the farmers they work with over others. The best butchers know and take pride in their sources. You can research them to find out if they supply high-quality meat. If they get the meat from a local ranch that offers tours, arrange one and get to see the animals in their natural environment. 

What Are Your Animals’ Food Sources?

Animals fed a high-quality diet are healthy and delicious. Buy your meat from butchers who assure you their animals feed on hay, grass, and nuts. Grass-fed animals can produce the healthiest and most delicious meat because they only eat what nature offers. Their meat contains low levels of saturated fats and high omega-3 fats, which enhance cardiovascular health. 

When Do You Receive the Meat?

Butcher shops are more likely to receive more meat shipments than supermarkets because of their specialized nature. You’ll likely get fresh meat most days of the week. 

Always ask about their shipments to get the meat on delivery days when it’s the freshest. Knowing their delivery days gives you more cut options, as you can get your meat before everybody else. 

Which Cuts Do You Recommend?

Asking this question can open you up to a world of new flavors. Butchers are experts with more experience with meat, and they know the most suitable cuts for grilling, smoking, or roasting. 

Sometimes the “best” cut isn’t ideal for all cooking methods. The right butcher will be willing to guide you based on your intended cooking plan. You may learn that tri-tip is one of the best cuts for smoking. 

Do You Sell Value-Added or Fully Cooked Meat?

Don’t assume your butcher only sells raw fresh meat without asking. Some take their meat through processes like dry aging to improve its tenderness and flavor. You could miss out on tasty meat if you don’t ask about value-addition. Other butchers make their sausages and prepare pâté on order. They can offer fully-cooked meat and broth for customers who don’t have the time to prepare their own. 

Would You Prepare the Meat for Me?

Butchers can do more than weigh meat. They undergo training on different preparation techniques like deboning, spatchcocking, and blending. Asking for help in meat preparation can save you a lot of time. You can collect some preparation tips and redefine your cooking. Your butcher will likely be happy to help you improve your cooking by teaching easy tricks you can do at home. 

Do You Have Leftover Bones?

Some butchers have huge bones left over from preparing meats for clients. Ask your butcher if they have some, and if so, what they do with them. They may be willing to give them to you for free or at a lower price. Leftover bones are amazing treats for your furry friend if you have one. You can use them to add flavor to your soups.

Ask These Questions on Your Next Visit to the Whole Animal Butcher Shop

You can learn a lot from your local whole animal butcher shop if you ask the right questions. Asking your butcher about their meat source and what their animals feed on can help you determine the quality of their meat without having to cook it first. You can learn about rare cuts and meats and know how to prepare them if you ask your butcher for help. Talk to your butcher the next time you visit their shop.

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