Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse with the Launch of NFT

Salesforce, a cloud-based software business responsible for the functionality of platforms like Customer Relationship Management, is now entering the advanced cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology with the upcoming NFT Cloud

Both Web 3.0 and Non-Fungible Token is a blockchain-based technology and works on the concepts of distribution and decentralisation. Blockchain is a new concept in the market and is quite complicated but useful for leveraging cryptography assets like digital currency like bitcoins. 

Salesforce in NFT World

The new NFT selling and minting platform will be launched by Salesforce, cloud-based software in October 2022. The interested candidates can trade their NFTs in the coming month. Currently, it’s a pilot program and is accessed by a limited client base. The blockchain platform for minting NFT is still not decided yet. 

However, all the NFT and Salesforce are so excited to use the platform and experience something completely different. 

Commerce Cloud updates

The new Salesforce NFT cloud updates will be coming with numerous marketing and e-commerce features and the term of the updates collectively called by the team is “Trailblazers”. 

  • Commerce cloud users will be allowed to sell on Tik Tok by switching to different social media channels under the Social Media Salesforce plans which include Snapchat and Instagram. 
  • Users will be allowed to automate the catalogue product into different social media apps and can also measure ad performance. 
  • Salesforce also released commerce for customer service that provides information on customers’ order history, exchanges, promotions or final purchases. 

What Is Minting and Selling NFTs?

Before understanding the new update of Salesforce, you need to understand the minting and selling NFT first:

Minting NFT

Minting NFT means registering a new NFT. There is a wide range of platforms available which can be used for minting and are known by the name NFT marketplace. Let’s make it easy for you to understand, suppose you need to mint the artwork:

  • First set up a payment currency, a crypto wallet from the range of platforms available on it. Metatask is the first choice as the crypto wallet among users. 
  • Now, time to use the NFT marketplace. You can choose from GENETically, MakersPlace, Foundation, Mineable etc. 
  • After choosing the NFT marketplace, the platform will guide you to upload the artwork. Also, such platforms provide you with an option to create a single NFT or a series. 

Selling NFT

When you mint the NFT, you also get a chance to display and sell it. Selling NFT can benefit you in numerous ways and can provide you with handsome profits. Just like mint, the selling process of NFT is simple:

  • Add the NFT on the right platform for sale. 
  • You can add additional requirements for the auction like price or time limit and any discount for the cryptocurrency users. 
  • All types of NFT marketplace charge a transaction fee and it will directly depend on how busy the blockchain network is. 
  • Moreover, you can do the marketing of the NFT you are selling. Choose the right social media platforms to attract buyers. 

Most Popular NFT Marketplace 

NFT trading is nothing new and there is already a wide range of marketplace available for minting and selling the NFT:


OpenSea is a hub for art, music, trading cards, virtual words, photography etc. It was launched in 2017 and at present is the biggest and most active marketplace. 


Rarible has its own private token called RARI, which helps the holders to vote for the company. The platform has a vast network and is good for making huge connections. 


Binance is the marketplace launched in 2021 to offer typical digital assets like artwork, gaming items and collectables etc. 


Super Rare is an art gallery, a high-end NFT art marketplace. Here you can list out your art to sell, but the marketplace is highly compatible. 

NBA Top Shot

Here Basketball fans can buy NFT of exclusive moments in the history of basketball. Individuals can get video clips, highlights and art for WNBA and NBA. It is not that easy, James fetched $208,000 in Feb 2021. 

Interesting Facts one should know about the NFT 

NFT is still a concept, technology or trading business people are exploring and trying to understand. This online Non-Fungible Token selling and buying is still a question for many. We have bought you some facts about NFT and its value in the market. 

  • The most expensive NFT costs around $91.8 million.
  • The top 5 countries that have adopted NFT are all in Asia.
  • An NFT meme, was once sold at $ 4 million, hear me out again – *meme*.
  • In the United States, 23% of millennials collect NFTs. 
  • In 2021, NFT art sales surpassed 1.5 million. 
  • Men dominate the NFT collection compared to women. 


This integration of cloud platforms like Salesforce and the new trading industry NFT is the most exciting thing to see in the technology industry. Right now, the NFT cloud salesforce is on pilot and available for a certain customer base to check its response and effect on NFT traders. 

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