Skylene Montgomery: Career, Early Life, and Net Worth

Skylene Montgomery, the fiancée of the American Football coach and former player, Patrick Sean Payton. Personally, Skylene is a former beauty queen. Skylene is an multifaceted person who is self-dependent and a self-sufficient woman. The beauty queen rose to her own after becoming the fiancée of Patrick Sean Payton. Skylene is a stunning woman who has been a Volleyball coach and Nurse prior to getting engaged in a relationship with Sean Payton. Straight female with a gorgeous body shape. Continue reading to find out more about the player’s fiancée Skylene.

Skylene Montgomery – Early LIFE

Skylene was born on the 20th of July, 1983, in Petersburg, West Virginia, United States of America. She is the real name Kasey Montgomery. Additionally, this stunning personality is 37 years old at present. Skylene attended her school, Petersburg South High School, which was within her home town. Sean Payton’s wife. Sean Payton became a Marshal University graduate with an exercise physiology degree in the year 2008.

Additionally, Skylene got a nursing degree from West Virginia University. Then, she relocated to Charlotte and began working the two positions to help pay back their student debts. She claims that she’s had a lot of challenges throughout her life. The name of her father is Skylar Montgomery and her Mother’s name was Darlene Montgomery. skylene is extremely grateful of her family for teaching her to be self-sufficient from the beginning of her life. But, Skylene has not said anything about her siblings.


Skylene Montgomery, the former Miss Virginia, Skylene Montgomery has a beautiful body shape. She is able to draw a lot of people’s attention, even when she’s not intending to. Anyone can be hypnotized admiring her beautiful curvaceous body. Skylene has an ideal figure of an hourglass, which is 34-26-34. In addition, she is 5 7 inches, and weighs 60 kilograms. She also wears a size 7 shoe, which is US size 7.

To add more beauty to Skylene her eyes, they are green as is her hair, which happens to be dark brown. Her eyes are stunning because they are green. They’re the first thing that anyone will notice when they first meet Skylene.


As a former model Skylene is aware of her daily workouts and healthy eating habits. She is aware that the slightest error in either of these two areas could cause her her gorgeous hourglass-shaped body. Here’s some details about the diet and exercise regimen of Skylene Montgomery.


Skylene regularly exercises and exercises to stay in good shape and healthy as she’s always been. She spends lots of time at the gym and doing yoga. Additionally, Skylene does not miss all of her workouts even for one day because she would like to stay this way for the rest of her life. Skylene’s training is comprised of crushing 65 pounds fight ropes as well as weightlifting and she’s also involved in boxing classes.


Skylene Montgomery is a vegetarian. She is a foodie but she eats well. Exercise alone will not help a person become fit and healthy. Dietary habits are crucial to keep an individual fit and healthy. The exercise regimen and healthy eating habits have made Skylene appear very youthful and healthy, even when she is 37. If she sticks to these practices, she’ll certainly be healthy for many years to come.


The beautiful celebrity has held three different tasks. All of her work is connected to one another. Yet, Skylene was able to be able to do all three jobs and complete them with ease. Syklene’s first professional job was nursing. She completed her advanced studies in nursing and communication in West Virginia University. When Skylene had graduated from the University, she instantly began work as an associate in St. Mary’s Hospital. But, she didn’t remain there for a long period of time. In addition, she works as a nurse in her Gastrointestinal Intensive Care Unit at the Ochsner Medical Center. In addition, she is an assistant Volleyball Team coach for the Bayou sports team.

Additionally, Skylene is also a social worker. She is a social worker for many organizations such as Payton’s Play It Forward Foundation as well as The Ochsner Moonlight & Miracles Foundation as well as Second Harvest Feed the Children. Skylene was awarded the honor of Miss Virginiain 2007. She then competed at the Miss USA 2008during her time at the nursing program. However, she did not take home the title. Montgomery was a contestant for Miss Virginia three times. She participated in 2006, 2005, and 2007. In 2005, when she competed she was selected in the top 10 but was not chosen as a finalist.

After her second attempt at the 2006 contest, Skylene was crowned the fourth finalist. On March 23 2007 she was crowned Miss Virginia America’s crown and awarded the title in the Kodak Theater, and this was when she became famous in the public eye.


Skylene has managed to make a significant amount of money by working in various fields. The professions she has picked are profitable. She is very active in the charity sector and this could have led to the loss of some amount she’d made. But, Skylene has a total net worth of $3 million in 2020. In addition, her soon-to-be spouse, Sean Payton,has an estimated total net worth of $29 million. Skylene Montgomery is extremely active in donating to charities and helping people who are in need. She also gives away large sums of money for the improvement of the lives of the helpless.


This lovely and caring spouse to Sean Payton is an extremely pure and loving soul when it comes to real. Giving back to those in need is the thing she would like to do. She has been involved in a variety of charitable work and is carries on the tradition. Skylene has not revealed any details with her siblings. Therefore, there is no details on whether she’s the sole one of the parents, or if she has siblings. She claims that her parents created a very self-dependent character since her childhood.

Furthermore, Skylene has worked in various fields and has learned many things about the world around her. In addition, Montgomery is very good in being a player in Softball as well as Volleyball. In fact, Skylene is a multi-talented personality with many abilities that will keep her on top of the charts. The beautiful volleyball coach was engaged to head coach of the football team, Patrick Sean, after seven years of dating.

The first time Sean first met Skylene when Sean and his team travelled to play Charlotte Panthers on the field in Charlotte. Skylene was a resident of Charlotte at the time and was employed in the Ochsner Medical Center. Following that, Sean proposed to Skylene during a private event held at Longway Tavern. This was the birthday celebration for Saints patron, Gayle Benson. The two were married in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico after seven years of being together.

Social Media Presence

Everyone is expecting this gorgeous model to be in social networks. But, Skylene has not been active on any social media site. Skylene has decided to keep her day-to-day actions to herself and to not reveal her activities or make comments about her. This is a sign how Skylene is a very private person who enjoys living in the best way possible, without being influenced by gossip and negativity on the internet.


A few fascinating facts regarding Skylene Montgomery:

  • Sean as well as Skylene have a massive age gap of 20 years.
  • Skylene is the wife second to Sean Payton.
  • The winner of the pageant loves travel and outdoor activities.
  • Skylene has two dogs that she names Frannie Grace as well as Murphy. Skylene takes them in like her children and takes great care of them extremely well.
  • “Miss West Virginia 2008” was the winner “Miss West Virginia 2008” also earned All-State recognition in Softball and volleyball.

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