Slashy- A Go-to Puzzle Game For All

Are you looking for a breather from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life? Perhaps it is time for you to sit back down and relieve yourself from the exhaustion that daily life brings along. How you ask? The answer to that is “Slashy. Yes! Camel Motion, Inc comes up with yet another surprise for us in the form of this fun, and brand new casual game Slashy which is slowly winning the hearts of many. It is a puzzle game meant to be played by anyone from the comforts of your home, or workplace, both by young and old. Isn’t that fascinating?

With tons of casual games available in the market, Slashy is slowly but steadily carving a niche for itself. Let your excitement build up because you are about to unfold the magic that Slashy is.

Slashy For You:- 

This fun casual game is there for you to help you keep your boredom at bay. It has an aesthetically pleasing and attractive design with a simple interface to cater to your pleasure. The objective of this puzzle game is to burst discs by putting slices on top of them. This easy-to-play game however will never provide you with a dull episode as it takes pride in coming up with over 300 levels. So, the thrill and excitement factor remains intact.

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How to Play the Game?

  1.     You start off by placing the slices on top of the discs.
  2.     Next, you assemble and arrange those slices in accordance with their shapes and sizes to be placed on the discs.
  3.     Lastly, you burst the discs after all the required slices are done being placed.


You know how each game gets slightly more challenging after you complete one level and move on to the next. Such is the case here as well. This is only to capture and build up the excitement and make your gaming experience more pronounced and fun. This begs the question: how do the levels play out in Slashy?


The Different Levels:

  1.     There will be 3 discs in level 1 for you which only increase at every odd level.
  2.     Level 3 will allow the disc to increase to 4.
  3.     Levels 2 and 4 have 3 and 4 discs respectively.
  4.     This goes on until 11th level where the discs are 8.
  5.     Again from level 13, the number of discs is back to 3 and this continues to amplify in a similar fashion.


There are certain distinct features that make this game interesting.

  •       Moving Discs: The discs on the screen actually move. They are not stationary discs, and therefore, it doubles the fun. Each disc rotates on its own axis clockwise and revolves counter-clockwise. Interestingly, the speed of these discs increase at every consecutive level.


  •       Interesting Props: There are quite a few interesting props available in the game that you can choose from to be used in your gameplay. However, you can only avail of these props after level 12. Some of the fun props are- a football, a crystal ball, a vinyl record, a slice of orange, a slice of kiwi, a diamond, etc.


  •       The Magic Hammer: This new feature, called the hammer, is one of the important tools in the game. You can use the hammer whenever you are stuck to help you out of it. You chisel the slices to their desired shape in order to fit them on top of the discs to burst. But, only 3 hammers are available in the game, so if you need more, you can claim so by watching promotional videos.


Restricted Move-sets:

There is no fun if there are no challenges in the game. One of the challenges in this game is the limited number of move-sets. You are allowed to put the slices on disc-tops within numbered move-sets, failing which the game will be over. A timer replaces the move-sets once you reach the 49th level. This goes on until you reach level 96, post which move-sets will be back.


Attractive Themes:

Slashy comes up with 3 beautiful themes for its users.

  •       Default Theme– This is plain, simple, and elegant with a shade of sky blue in the background.
  •       Night Theme– This Van Gogh-ish starry night background is soothing to the eyes and helps focus on the game.
  •       Nature Theme– All nature lovers would attest to this theme that is all about mountains and rivers. It is refreshing.



There is little room for doubt that Slashy is going to be the next big casual game in the market with its attractive elements designed to entice its users and boost their gaming experience. So beat the boredom, and sprinkle some fun in your life with Camel Motion’s Slashy which is available in the App Store. Download now and start playing.




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