Slow iPhone? The solution to fix it from apple store cedar falls

Can’t fully enjoy your iPhone because it’s too slow and lags even when performing basic tasks? 

There are numerous other reasons why your iPhone may be running slower, and you can resolve some of them by restoring your phone to its old glory from apple store cedar falls

If your iPhone apps take a long time to open, crash, freeze, or stutter while switching, or you experience other slowing issues, this guide will assist you in resolving such matters.

Reasons Why Your iPhone is Slow

  • The following are the common causes of your iPhone lagging and running slow:
  • You haven’t restarted your iPhone for a long time.
  • If your iPhone is extremely hot or in harsh weather conditions (too hot or too cold).
  • If you are using an older version of iOS that doesn’t play well with third-party apps.
  • The device is lagging due to some iPhone settings.
  • Your iPhone’s local storage is full.
  • The Wi-Fi connection is extremely slow.
  • The health of the iPhone battery has deteriorated, resulting in reduced performance.
  • You are using an iPhone, an older model from several years ago.

How to Fix a Slow apple phone and Make It Quicker

Here are ten solutions to fix a slow iPhone and restore performance:

Try restarting your iPhone.

It will feel sluggish if you haven’t restarted your iPhone in a while. Apps will take some time to load. From the Lock Screen, the camera may refuse to work. When switching apps or going to the Home Screen, animations may lag, and other frustrating issues may arise.

The quickest solution is to turn off your iPhone and then turn it back on after a minute. It will clear the unnecessary app caches, fix temporary glitches, and restore normal performance.

It is best to restart your iPhone at least once every few days for a consistently good experience.

Set your iPhone to Low Power Mode only when necessary.

Low Power Mode is intended to extend battery life by reducing some features. As a result, completion may take a little longer. If your iPhone is fully charged, you should turn this feature off so it can operate at its normal speed without being slowed down by power constraints. To turn off Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery and turn it off.

Close unused apps

We don’t recommend forcing apps to close because it can reduce battery backup. However, if you have several unnecessary apps open, you can force quit them to improve things. For example, if your Uber ride is finished and you won’t need this app again anytime soon, it’s fine to close it.

Update your iPhone

Your iPhone may occasionally slow down due to a bug in the iOS version that is currently installed on it. Apple is usually quick to resolve such problems. And the only way to fix it is to update your iPhone.

Select Settings > General > Software Update from the menu. If it says Download and Install or Install Now, tap it and follow the on-screen instructions to get your device’s most recent version of iOS.

Clear iPhone’s RAM

iOS has very good memory management. However, in some cases, an improper coding app may consume more RAM than is necessary, resulting in poor performance, particularly on older iPhones. It’s important to note that any open apps will reload when you clear the RAM on an iPhone. It’s as simple as that! If your iPhone is still slow after clearing RAM, you can have it inspected at an Apple Authorized Store in Cedar Falls.

Remove all Safari website data.

Like any other browser, Safari records the websites you visit and their data, such as cache, cookies, etc. Clearing the Safari cache should help if your iPhone is running slowly. 

To begin, navigate to the Settings app > Safari and select Clear History and Website Data.

Connect to a faster Wi-Fi network.

When connected to a slow public Wi-Fi network, websites and apps take longer to load. Furthermore, apps that require internet connectivity may not function properly in the background and display no new notifications. All of this contributes to a slow and painful iPhone experience. 

Switch to a faster network to resolve this. If that isn’t possible, try using your cellular data.

Reset all settings

When you reset all settings, every setting you’ve ever changed or added, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, keyboard, VPN, and others, will be restored to its default state. 

It will not delete personal data such as apps, music, photos, etc. When things aren’t going well with the device and simple fixes like restarting don’t work, resetting the settings usually helps.

Free local iPhone space

To consider that how much free space you have on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. If it’s nearly full with only a few hundred MBs or a GB free, try these instructions to free up space. Once you’ve freed up a few GBs, your iPhone should feel noticeably faster.

Replace the iPhone battery

If your iPhone is old, the battery is probably dead. 

And when the battery is significantly degraded, your device does not perform at peak capacity. 

To ensure dependability, it slows down. For example, the iPhone may experience random shutdowns on an old battery and appear unreliable. To address this, the iPhone prioritizes stability over peak performance.

If your iPhone battery has been significantly degraded for a long time and displays a message requesting that it be serviced, it’s time to pay attention. To get the device serviced, go to any authorized Apple store in Cedar Falls.

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to check the health of your iPhone battery.


For most people, restarting the iPhone regularly, keeping only useful apps, and operating the device in non-extreme temperatures should keep it from becoming difficult to use. You can probably (but not definitely) rule out the possibility of a virus or malware on your device if you haven’t jailbroken it or installed custom, unknown profiles.

Suppose you are experiencing a serious problem that you are unable to resolve. In that case, you should seek immediate assistance from a phone repair shop or an Apple store in Cedar Falls to avoid further damage.

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