Some Key Advantages of Bubble Wrap

Packaging materials have a lot of advantages. They help us in so many ways. They protect our products from all the potential damage and if they are eco-friendly, then they protect the environment as well. There are different types of packaging materials. They are of different forms, sizes and shapes. You can use them for different purposes. You can use them for shifting to a new place and also for shipping your products, if you are an ecommerce business owner. They are strong and durable. Most of the time they are lightweight and they carry both bulky and lightweight products.

Bubble wrap is one of the most famous and important packaging materials used for various purposes. It is a protective plastic sheet consisting of round air bubbles that provide cushion to the items and protect them from scratches, breakage and other potential damage. It-was invented in 1960. It is lightweight in nature. It-is highly durable. It is versatile in nature as well. It-was first used when IBM was shipping its computers. Today it is used worldwide for shipping fragile and delicate items. Bubble wrap is mainly of three types: large bubble wrap, small bubble wrap and anti-static bubble wrap.

There are online stores where you can find different types of bubble wraps. Globe Packaging is an online store where you will find different varieties of protective packaging supplies, including bubble wraps.

Let us now look at some of the advantages that bubble wraps provide during shipping of fragile items and in different situations.

Bubble Wraps Provide Protective Cushion to Fragile Items

Air-filled bubbles of the bubble wrap act as a protective cushion. Therefore, it is used to wrap the items that are delicate and prone to easy breakage. While wrapping the items, the side consisting of the air-filled bubbles is kept outward. It protects the items from shock, vibration jerks and abrasions during transit. Therefore, delicate items like mirrors, glasswares, crockery wares, glass and mirrored cabinets, statues and showpieces that can easily break are first wrapped with bubble wraps and then are put inside the box.

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Bubble Wraps Protect The Electronic Items From Static Electricity Discharge

As already mentioned, bubble wrap is mainly of three types. One such type is anti-static bubble wrap. It is mainly pink in colour. It is used to wrap electronic items. Because these bubble wraps have the potential to protect the electronic items from static electricity discharge, if in case they fall on the surface. Therefore, computers, mobiles, earphones, mouse, screens, microwaves, etc are wrapped with anti-static bubble wraps, before putting them inside the box.

Bubble Wraps are Versatile in Nature

We all know how useful bubble wraps are. They help in protecting the fragile items in so many ways. But do you know that they are versatile in nature too? Believe it or not, but these packaging materials are highly versatile. You can cut them into different forms according to your needs and the shape and size of the objects. It is ductile in nature and is easily used to wrap even objects that are odd in shape. Apart from being used as a packaging material, many people use these products during summer seasons for their windows to insulate them. Isn’t it amazing?

Bubble Wraps Do Not Cost Much

Apart from providing multiple benefits, bubble wraps are pocket-friendly as well. So, you can use them without thinking much about your expenses. Most importantly they are lightweight in nature. Which means, they also save your shipping and transportation cost to a great extent. So even though you are shipping a delicate product that is bulky, the shipping charges will be affordable. Another reason why it is cost-effective is that it is reusable. You can use them for a long period of time. You can use them even though some of the bubbles are damaged and some are still intact. In short, you can continue using it until it is completely damaged. Because of this characteristic, it is eco-friendly in nature.

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Bubble Wraps Help in Relieving Stress

Wondering how a bubble wrap can help in relieving stress? Have you ever popped the air-filled bubbles of these packaging materials just for fun? Well, it may be fun for you, but this act is a stress reliever for many. If you have a stress filled day in the office or you have a really frustrated day, try popping the air-filled bubbles of the bubble wraps, you are definitely going to feel satisfied.

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