Tactics for Garden Ant Control in Toronto

You may love ants or hate ants because they are amazing creatures. Ants have large complex societies and know fungus-farming techniques, and constitute an empire spanning the entire globe. Nonetheless, their small size is a blessing for us, plus they haven’t yet developed an overwhelming collective intelligence. During the summer, you can see large groups of ants going to and fro in your garden. Garden ant control in Toronto is also important to protect your pleasant space when ants infest it. Besides, there are many ways to control ants in the garden, which we shall also share with you.

You Need to Know What an Ant Colony Is

Ant colony or ant society comprises thousands upon thousands of individual ants under the leadership of one queen ant. There are also worker, soldier, and drone ants, other than a queen that forms an ant colony. Most ant species also build massive underground nests. Moreover, those nests are unbelievably complex and contain nursery rooms, farming rooms, food storage areas, and even tunnels. 

Ants in Your Garden

Ants in your garden are somewhat beneficial; nonetheless, they are also a threat to your garden at the same time. They are also predators that hunt insects on your lawn and also aid in pollination when they forage. Nonetheless, ants like building nests around the root system of plants, affect their growth and also leave plants more susceptible to disease. Quite a few ant species also eat honeydew that aphids excrete because they feast on plants. Ants also protect aphids, such as ladybirds, to maintain their reliable food source. Additionally, increased aphid activity in your garden with their bodyguards is also disastrous for plant life. Therefore, it is important to get rid of ants from your garden if they infest it.  

How to Eradicate Ants from the Garden

Eradicating ants from your garden should remain a priority to you, and you may know now: Why? However, ask yourself a few questions before you get rid of them. Ask the following questions to yourself to proceed in the right way for your garden ant control in Toronto:

Q1. Are ants in an isolated area of my garden?

Q2. Are ants in my garden a threat to me and my family?

Q3. Are ants in my garden also a threat to my property?

There are some natural ant control methods and professional ant control methods for ant removal from your garden. Let’s discuss both of the options one by one:

  • Natural Ant Control Methods
  • Boiling Water: Use boiling water inside ant nests after locating them. Repeat it till all ants die.
  • Dish Washing Liquid plus Oil: Mix a half teaspoon of liquid dish soap with a half spoon of cooking oil. Once your mixture is ready, use a spray bottle to pour it into the outside ants and pour the rest inside the nest.
  • Boric Acid and Sugar: Mix boric acid with sugar to make a thick paste and place small amounts of the paste around ant nests. Shortly after eating the sweet paste, the queen and other ants will begin to die.   
  • White Vinegar: Pour a litre of white vinegar directly into ant nests to kill nests
  • Nematodes: Use nematodes to let ants be killed by their natural predator.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: Use food-grade diatomaceous earth to kill ants while sprinkling it on ants’ paths and around the plants. Make sure the soil is dry to make it do its wonder.
  • Insect-Repelling Plants: Insect-repelling plants contain essential oils that give off a certain smell to get rid of unwanted insects, including ants. 
  • Professional Ant Control Methods
  • Ant Killer Gel: Buy ant killer gel from a home improvement store and use it to kill ants. It works the same way as boric acid & sugar work. Moreover, it isn’t a threat to your garden or plants though it’s poisonous.
  • Ant Killer Poison: Spread powder poison on a calm day against ants inside or near your home as the wind can carry it to neighbouring gardens. However, keep in mind that ants can slowly build resistance to poison.
  • Professional Exterminator: Hire an exterminator, such as Pesticon, to get rid of the problem permanently.


Ants in a garden are beneficial in some way; still, ants in your garden are a threat to your property. Ants like building nests around the root system of the plants that leave plants more susceptible to disease. Garden ant control in Toronto should remain a priority to you if ants infest your garden. There are natural as well as a professional method of garden ant control. Natural ant control methods include the following:

  1. Boiling Water
  2. Dish Washing Liquid plus Oil
  3. Boric Acid and Sugar
  4. White Vinegar
  5. Nematodes
  6. Diatomaceous Earth
  7. Insect-Repelling Plants

Lastly, professional ant control methods embrace the following:

  1. Ant Killer Gel:
  2. Ant Killer Poison
  3. Professional Exterminator

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