The 15 Best Beach Towels for 2022

Summers are primarily about getting to beaches and sunbathing. You would probably look for a good-quality beach towels exporter for this moment. The reason is the essentiality of beach towels, which helps us dry out quickly right after coming out of the sea. Moreover, some are quite useful for kids to be used frequently because kids never stay out of water for long. For all of these reasons, you need to have something which can help you spend a peaceful day at the beach. To find out what suits you the most, here are some of the best beach towels you can try in 2022.

Turkish Beach Towel

Starting the list with the Turkish beach towels, which are known as very thin as well as very absorbent at the same time. Many people carry them because they don’t occupy much space as well as prove to be really handy at the beach. If you are looking for a beach towel, which is very absorbent as well as dries up so quickly, a Turkish towel is for you.

Round Beach Towel

People often use rectangular beach towels, but circular ones also have a high demand. Because of the extra space in them, they can let you keep your food without getting sand on it. Also, you won’t be bothered by anyone while lying on a beach for a sun bath.

Sand-Free Beach Towel

It looks very annoying when sand sticks on your towel and can’t be removed easily. This is why many people look for sand-free towels for a comfortable holiday at the beach. Also, kids need to be cleaned more often than you, and you need a towel that can’t get sand on it after consistent use.

Microfiber Beach Towel

Microfiber is similar to sand-free beach towels, but it has other benefits like drying up so quickly. Since it has microfibers, it won’t take that long to dry up. Also, it can easily be carried in your bag because of its thinner fabric.

Cotton Beach Towel

Cotton is the most common, comfortable, and reliable fabric. Using it as a beach towel will keep you dry for sure. You will not have to find anything else to dry yourself once you get it. Furthermore, it can be easily washed in case you need to use it in the bathroom. They are really comfy, and you need to try them once.

Oversized Beach Towel

Tired of using regular sizes? Try this oversized beach towel, and you won’t be bothered at all. They have enough space to cover your entire body. Besides, if your height is much taller, you can use it. These oversized towels are also readily available. So, if you are on your way to the beach, you better get one with you.

Sand-Free Microfiber Beach Towel

Sand-free, as well as a microfiber beach towel, is like having two features together. Neither sand will stick on your towel, nor will it remain wet for long. You can keep it in your car for any sudden beach visit because it won’t take long to dry you as well as itself.

Stripe Pattern Beach Towel

Not everyone likes to have plain towels for the beach because some people love to use stripe pattern beach towels. Moreover, sports fans use beach towels in their favorite sports clubs’ colors and patterns. It is like having your favorite club towel with yourself. Besides, kids love to have their famous stripes on beach towels to enjoy in their own way.

Quick-Dry Microfiber Beach Towel

Having a microfiber towel with the quick-dry feature is what you need. With the help of this type, you can enjoy your beach moment as well, as you won’t be bothered about anything else.

Wave Pattern Beach Towel

When you have sea waves in front of you at the beach, as well as their pattern on your beach towel, you are on your way to having a serene moment at the beach. Kids love this pattern because of the sea waves they see in cartoons, and when they find them on beach towels, they can’t resist them.

Kids Beach Towel

Kids’ beach towels have unique cartoons and characters, which is why kids love to keep them even after the beach. There are some famous characters, which never get old and once you buy them for your kids, they never forget that moment.

Hands-free Beach Towel

Here is a special one, you don’t need to hold this beach towel all the time. They are almost like tank-top shirts. Just put your arm in it and enjoy your day at the beach.

Customized Beach Towel

Everyone likes to have customization, whether it is clothes, automobiles, mobile phones, or anything that belongs to them. Since we all have different lifestyles and preferences, we love to have our own designs or prints on our belongings. The same goes with beach towels, where some people like to have their avatar made on them, or some want to have their personal quotes on their beach towels. It all depends upon their preferences.

Beach Blanket

Beach blankets are for super absorbent purposes. You can keep them for as long as you want. They don’t wear out quickly as well as don’t tear very easily. These beach blankets have a number of benefits, which can help you a lot. However, they take a longer time to dry, but they are super absorbent.

Hooded Beach Towel

The last one but the special one. Hooded beach towels are lovely also. Just make your kids wear them, and you won’t be bothered drying them. It is like wearing a bathrobe but in a hoodie’s form. Kids love that. If you want your kids to have a great time at the beach, you need to buy them before the trip.

Hopefully, you will find something for yourself as well as your kids. Likewise, these towels are going to be really easy to use as well as convenient to be washed. Once you decide which one suits you, make sure you buy enough quantity to avoid any shortage at the beach.

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