The Application of Resin for Roof Waterproofing Services

The unique mechanical properties of the resin are vital when using for roof waterproofing services, especially when applied to large exposed floor.

Elongation: It is the ability of the coating to “stretch” without permanently deforming or breaking. With climatic variations, the building surfaces expand and contract large volumes, and the resin, adhered to the floor, needs to be able to accompany this movement. A resin without the necessary elongation will dry out, crack and create broken spots with water ingress and finish defects.

Flexibility: The fully cured resin must have a flexibility characteristic, which is directly linked to the elongation characteristic.

Resilience: After stretching, the polymer needs to return to its original shape without permanent deformation.

Elongation is the determining factor in the quality of our resin for roof waterproofing services Karachi.

Because of elongation and flexibility, resin sheets are most suitable roof waterproofing services DHA for roof waterproofing, basement waterproofing, bathroom leakage treatment, water tank waterproofing and bathroom and tiles waterproofing.

Reinforcement for roof waterproofing services with resin sheet

Fiberglass reinforcement, because it is more rigid, we don’t indiscriminately when it comes to roof leakage waterproofing because of its rigidity.

Are there cases where it may be necessary? Yea! (In areas of great movement, without the proper study, it can be disastrous!) But it takes a technical evaluation to reach this conclusion.

That is why, in the Roof Power, one of the best waterproofing companies in Pakistan, the structuring reinforcement varies according to the characteristics of the project, using resin sheet, which accompanies all movements, or another type of reinforcement.

With this, it is understandable how one can mislead a lay person into thinking that resin sheet and fiberglass are the same things, when they are not.

Therefore, there is little care when hiring a company to carry out waterproofing with resin sheet.

Roof waterproofing services with fiberglass x resin sheet

A company misled this condo that promised resin sheet waterproofing, and ended up delivering fiberglass.

The result was a rigid, brittle waterproofing that caused enormous damage to the residents.

There were even attempts at repairs. But again, it broke apart. as you can see the different colors of the material.

A reputable, responsible and committed company improved the roof leakage treatment solution. Roof Power ( removed the glass fiber, exposing a substrate with pathologies that needs the treatment.

Our company carried out the warehouse waterproofing treatment of the area. It was a wide exposed roof with the natural volumetric movement and characteristic. After treatment, we applied the waterproofing system with resin sheet with the necessary elongation. It was also important take care of the movements to achieve the expected quality. We offer roof waterproofing in Pakistan with a 15-year guarantee and the necessary technical conditions.

The cost of the asphalt blanket varies a lot, because the level of profession varies from a amateur to serious company. In the case of asphalt blankets roof waterproofing services DHA, we divide the cost usually divided into material and labor. It is because of that one company manufactures the material and another applies the product.

On the other hand, we use the fresh resin for waterproofing services in Islamabad offering the high quality waterproofing.

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