The Best Tools For Community Managers in 2022

There are a large number of tools that make life much more pleasant for Community Managers, allowing actions to be carried out more quickly and efficiently. I invite you to discover a “toolbox” made up of the 38 best software available.

These different tools are classified according to 5 different categories. You can directly access a particular category through the table of contents below.

Social media management tools

All the tools and applications to manage your social networks centrally. These tools also allow you to plan your posts and often get detailed statistics from all your social networks.

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a true social CRM tool that allows you to identify your most loyal followers on the Instagram, segment and classify your users, memorize your conversations, etc. In short, everything you need to simplify your interactions and engage more of your audience.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social has a reputation for being the most powerful social media management platform. With Sprout Social’s advanced automation features, you can take control of your social media presence and ensure you’re always in touch with your target audience. This tool allows companies to expand their reach without having to rely entirely on traditional methods.

3. Buffer

This is the solution I use personally to plan my posts on my social networks. Your advantage? A very efficient interface and is full of useful little features (for example, an Instagram story creator or images for social networks). However, Buffer is a bit lightweight for team solutions compared to Agora Pulse, which is more suitable.

4. Hoot Suite

One of the historical players in the social network management tools market. Hootsuite is used by a large number of companies who appreciate the ability to add large numbers of people to their teams for social media management. It has the ability to schedule the content posting, create tweet dropdowns, and more.

5. Metricool

The best application to centralize the statistics of your social networks, with clear and precise dashboards. You can also get encrypted data from your other social networks, which is always useful. The interface is nice and allows you to get important information at a glance.

Tools to create visuals for social networks

6. Canva

If like me, you’re not good at graphic design, let alone Photoshop, then Canva is for you! This free tool offers to create images in the appropriate format for each social network. Thanks to its great ease of use, you will be able to produce excellent quality images.

7. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a complete tool for creating all kinds of visuals for social networks. It also has the feature of the easy creation of videos and animations, especially with images and texts. A very useful tool!

8. Pablo by Buffer

Regarding creating social media graphics and quotes, Pablo is simply the best on the market! It also has a whole series of templates and great ease of use.


DesignEvo is one of the best online logo makers available in the market. It features ease of use and impressive templates you can use for your logo design.

10. FlexClip

This tool offers you a drag-and-drop system to create high-quality animation videos. It is an ergonomic tool that can turn your slides or any multimedia presentation into eye-catching animated videos.


If you are looking for a completely online solution without having to download any software, WeVideo is for you! The concept is to allow you to do simple editing in “the cloud,” giving you access to most of the features of basic editing software. Be careful with the loading time, which can be longer than with a “classic” tool.

12. Lumen5

Probably the most impressive animated video creation software is Lumen5, the platform that allows you to instantly create an animated video from an existing article or its link. To do this, you must select the text to convert, then click a button, and voila!

13. Headliner

Headliner is a multifunctional social media video maker. Thanks to its Audiogram Wizard, Full Episode, and Find My Content features, you can turn your podcasts or large audio files into explainer videos suitable for social media.

General Application

14. VSCO

For photography esthetes, who want to apply the optimal filter on their images, VSCO is by far the most advanced app in the field! You can also make colorimetry or image angle adjustments that will improve your photographs to the maximum.


Although it is one of the ancestors of the web, gifs have experienced a new youth thanks to social networks. GIPHY is simply one of the most effective gif-making tools with simple ergonomics. You also have access to one of the largest GIF databases in the world.

16. Mention

Mention is the best I can offer you to increase your brand visibility and improve your online reputation through optimal social media following. Easily discover what is being said online about your brand and your industry!

Social Media Contest Giveaway Tool

17. Good Luck Fairy

This is a free tool that Fanpage Karma offers, and that is extremely practical to select a winner in a contest held on a Facebook page. The advantage is that you can also select only from the correct answers to a question you asked in your Facebook post.

18. Woobox

Woobox is the complete tool to set up campaigns on Instagram through contests. And it offers the possibility to select winners of likes and comments easily. The advantage is that it is also available on Facebook. The restriction for the free version is 100 participants, which can be a limitation if your contest works well.

19. Instagram Random Picker

This is the most effective free tool for selecting a contest winner on Instagram based on comments randomly. Simply add your post link and let the tool select the winner. Please note that you may take a screenshot of the results to demonstrate your good faith to entrants.

20. Unsplash

The site is regularly updated and among the most complete in terms of professional quality photos. Essential! Now, with an internal search engine, you can find useful images more easily in addition to image categories.

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