The Nursing Assignment Sample on Leadership and Management?

Are you a student of nursing? If yes, then you may already understand the value of the assignment sample. For making the perfect assignment, a sample plays a very important role. You can understand the structure and writing sense of nursing assignments from these samples.

Every year thousands of students ask for nursing assignment sample to take some guidance. Here students learn about the management of nursing, its leadership, and many other things. In this article, we will cover these factors in detail.

What is nursing leadership?

The nursing field in Australia is a very comprehensive curriculum. The medical school equally focuses on both theoretical as well as practical aspects. Leadership & Management is an essential aspect of this field. In reality, there is no particular theory or framework which defines the leadership qualities of nursing.

However, most people who are working in this field agree on common qualities of leadership. For example, according to DR. Mandy Bell (Professor of Southern New Hampshire University), nursing leadership is the ability to inspire, motivate & influence nursing staff and other health workers who work together to achieve collective goals.

Want to get more knowledge? Then get some nursing assignment sample. On the other hand, nursing management is a branch that focuses mainly on managing the nurses and the standard of patient care. It is very important for most facilities that use nurses, hospitals, & residential care facilities.

Staff who work in this field have experience in management as well as nursing; hence they receive special training which has both the traits of nursing and management. Seek nursing assignment help Australia to know more about it. We have already discussed the management and leadership roles in the nursing field. Let’s talk about the different roles of the nursing leadership.

Types of roles in the nursing leadership

In the nursing field, the senior staff is responsible for allocating different duties to all the interns. They have to look at daily activities inside the hospital and ensure everything is in order.

According to the American Association of Nursing Assessment Coordination (AANAC), there are five main leadership theories for nursing.

1. Autocratic Leadership:

As the name suggests, this field is authoritative. It is a boss inside the hospital. An Autocratic nurse can give orders and directions to people under them. It can take major decisions of the hospital and the staff allocated to them.

It does not encourage any questions or any form of dissent to their authority. Such leaders work in emergencies. Seek nursing assignment help Australia to know more about it.

2. Democratic Leadership:

It is the leader who is elected among the staff members. Anyone can become a democratic leader irrespective of hierarchies. They aim to involve everyone in the team and decision-making process.

They work on responsive feedback and excellent communication channels. And they have a responsibility to create a safe workplace for everyone. Read more about this in the nursing assignment sample.

3. Transformational Leadership:

It is one of the most well-known techniques which most institutions prefer. This leadership has been called visionary leadership. A visionary leader always thinks big.

In nursing, visionary nurses can think about improving the patient’s overall health, customer support, and everything. It is an inclusive way of getting things done around the workplace.

4. Servant leadership:

It is all about serving the team in the best possible way. Here leaders focus on the workplace as a whole, not any individual staff member. It is a very popular type of leadership in nursing, especially nowadays.

These leaders ensure that everyone has the tool and resources to provide help. Leader conducts sessions and workshops to train its nurses about patient care and more. They work well in diverse work cultures or environments.

Servant leadership is all about serving the team in the best possible way.

So, these are some types of nursing leadership. Get help from an Online Assignment Expert to know more about this topic. They have experts who have a degree in the field of nursing. And they also provide free nursing assignment sample, which is of great use to you. They also give you a guarantee of getting high grades on the assignment. So do not worry about their quality of work.


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