The Ultimate guide to Glass Partition Ideas for home

Do you want to divide a room without feeling claustrophobic? A glass partition might be the perfect solution for you.  It provides you the sense of never-ending horizons by letting light through itself making the area bigger. People do get excited by the thought of elegance a glass partition provides and end up doing a DIY job themselves or get it done by an inexperienced player. Not only, is the ideation monotonous but a waste of money when the job is compared to an expert. Satkartar Glass Solutions, the epitome of Modular Glass Partitions in Delhi NCR vows to modernize each and every home in its territory with their experience and out of the box ideation. Let us analyze the various trends popular with not only modular but also single glass partitions in Delhi NCR

Go Frameless

Framed glass partitions have been for a while now.  Advancement and pioneering engineering have provided the world with frameless glass partitions.  Imagine being protected by zero obstructions, just you and the view. That is why Single Glass Partitions in Delhi NCR are preferred by the elite day today with their penthouses. There tons of ideations you can go for in order to look unique. Satkartar Glass Solutions recommends the following

  • Corrugated Glass Panels- It creates a ripple like effect just like water. It loves extraordinary in a bathroom.
  • Etched glass- Not known for their transparency etched glass is designer and meant for Centre piece attraction. An etched Glass becomes the cynosure of a living room where your guests will not take their eyes of it.
  • Lacquered Glass- It is meant for smaller spaces. Lacquered as the name suggest is opaque glass used commonly in showers. Add in wooden frames to highlight its dramatic effects
  • Glass Stickers- Used commonly in bathrooms. Its sole purpose is to provide privacy from shoulder to knee. Just like the ones you see in western movies.
  • Spa Style Partition- Meant for poolside, bathrooms or even living rooms. It is when you mix one third wooden partitions with 2 third frameless glass partition.
  • Frosted Glass- designed for privacy, this glass provides a mist like effect popular as partition between toilet and bathroom
  • Curved Glass- This glass is curved from floor to ceiling. It is expensive choice for the meant for the elite. It provides European aesthetics and elegance
  • Bathroom Cubicle- Bathroom Cubicle in Delhi NCR have been a favorite amongst builders who crave appreciation for their work

Framed Glass Partitions

Modular Glass Partitions have been in vogue for over a decade now. Satkartar Glass Solutions, a leading manufacturer of Modular Glass Partitions in Delhi NCR reveals what’s new with framed Glass partitions

  • Square Panes- For someone who wants more frames and multiple glasses, the Internal Glass partition in Delhi NCR have created demand. More frames provide higher strength.
  • Glass bricks- Interlocking spacers are provided for brick like glass. The glass is translucent so it gives you the benefit of privacy and natural light at the same time.
  • Black Frames- If you are a fan of Ethiopian architecture then you will absolutely love black frames as far as partitions are concerned. It aims to provide the bathroom and its users a luxe sensation
  • Sliding partitions- Sliding partitions in Delhi NCR are a must for wardrobes, bathrooms in fact anywhere you want the benefit of privacy along with the option of open space

Satkartar Glass Solutions have a plethora of options sought after the people with class. We analyze the area and plan a layout keeping in light into consideration along with area required in each room given its functionality and that too at a cost you never dreamed of. Contact us to get a free consultation from the masters in Modular Glass Partitions in Delhi NCR.

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