Things to Do in Kos, Greece for Fun

If you’re traveling to Kos, Greece, you’ll want to know what to see and do! Kos’s famous attractions are a must-see, and the following list of things to do in kos will make planning your trip easier. Ancient Asklepieion, Therma Beach, and Horse-riding are just a few of the highlights! You’ll also want to check out the nearby ancient Agora and explore the town’s medieval past!

Ancient Asklepieion

The ruins of the Ancient Asklepieion on Kos, Greece, are a wonder of the Greek past. The Asklepieion was one of the largest in the world. The temple was decorated with paintings from the Ancient Greek artist Apelles. Hippocrates also studied the Asklepieion’s records. However, the building was destroyed during an earthquake in AD 554/551 and was buried for 1350 years.

The ancient medical center, Asklepieion, was dedicated to the god of health, Asklepios. The sanctuary was built around 357 BC and became the main seat of the Asklepiadai, a hereditary order of priests who practiced medicine. They were fierce guardians of medicine and were jealous of the work of other doctors. The Asklepieion was a major medical centre, and many sick people travelled from far and wide to seek treatment here.

Therma Beach

Therma Beach in Kos is one of the island’s most popular hot springs. The water at this Kos hot springs beach is extremely warm and you can enjoy a dip in the pool after spending time at the beach. The water also has several micro nutrients that can help you combat reumatism and improve your tone and texture. You can use public transport to reach this hot springs beach but you can also take a taxi or a moped to get there.

Therma Beach is a natural spa where visitors can get a foot massage from hot springs. You can park your car on the top of the main road, but you’ll need to walk down to reach the beach. Parking is free here. The walk down to the beach is a steep one, so be sure to leave enough time to do so. Therma Hot Springs is about 12 kilometers from the capital, Kos.


If you’re visiting Kos and have never tried horse-riding before, you’re in for a treat! The Greek island is home to many horse-riding centers. All of them have detailed descriptions, photos, and even a Google map! You can even request a riding walk or course from one of them! When you fill out the form below, it goes directly to the manager of the center, so he can answer your questions or make your reservations.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a day while vacationing on the island, horse-riding in Kos is the perfect experience. With its natural beauty and moderate climate, riding on Kos’ beaches and mountains is an incredible experience. You’ll find plenty of farms offering horseback tours, including Daoulas family ranch, in Alikes. You can even rent a pony for the kids – this is the perfect way to spend a day with the family!

Ancient Agora

If you are planning a trip to Kos, one of the top attractions is the ancient Agora. This ancient site is situated next to the harbor and was ideal for both trade and general movement. It contains several buildings, each measuring 80 by 300 meters, and is easily accessible via a pink archway. The interior yard and restored columns are also worth a look. Here, you can learn more about the island’s history.

The interior of the ancient Agora has some impressive ruins, including a section of the Eastern exterior wall and the entire pedestal on the Northern side. There is also a chapel dedicated to the Greek god Apollo, which was destroyed in an earthquake in 469 AD. To the east of the Ancient Agora, there are many ruins of temples, most likely the remains of a 1st-century temple.


The waterparks in Kos offer a variety of fun and exciting activities for visitors of all ages. Waterparks in Kos are conveniently located and can be reached by bus or car. Make sure to pack sunscreen and a swimsuit. Whether you’re traveling alone or with the family, waterparks are a fun way to spend a day on the Greek island. Here are the top three waterparks in Kos to visit on your next trip!

Embros Therme, located in Psalidi Beach, is the most popular of the two waterparks in Kos. With a wave pool, lazy river, and several other attractions, this water park is perfect for families. Kos’ volcanic past has left its imprint on the island’s black sand beaches and vineyards. However, while it’s a great place to splash around, be sure to do it during the daytime!

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