TikTok Video Without Watermark: So You Can Download Videos


TikTok has revolutionize the way we treated videos before now short-form videos are the new normal where more than 60 seconds video starts to trouble the user as they are getting addicted to the norm of short and precise videos that are comparatively easier to create.

The TikTok videos are now-a-days important to grow your business and make it visible. Making tutorials, short videos, interactive content, relevant information, showing workplaces, all of these adds to the popularity of a business via social platforms.

Here, we will tell you how to download videos without watermark to share your business video. To some other platforms as well that will attract a huge user base. It will work like a magic to increase the sales in your business.

Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

  1. Go to Tiktok app and look for the video you want to download
  2. Copy the link of the video by using the share button
  3. Now go to the browser and type SnapTik
  4. Paste the link of the video in the search bar of the TikTok downloader
  5. Now hot download and select the Server 1
  6. Select ‘Server 2’ in case the 1st server does not work
  7. Click download and wait for the video to start downloading
  8. Search for your video in the default folder

Pros of SnapTik

There are pros and cons of anything but with SnapTik the pros outweigh the cons that makes it the first choice for every user.

Snaptik.Club requires very minimum work and space as it is an online web-based downloader it doesn’t require a lot of your efforts in fact it will only need a link that will start downloading your favorite video within no time.

Coming to the quality of the videos, it is great and amazing you doesnot get HD video for free anywhere, this feature is exclusively maintained for SnapTik only. The tool and no limitations you can download as many videos as you want that too without watermark.

SnapTik Cons

The cons are very few and they are almost negligible because it is required by any app to function. I am talking about the ads, yes, there are ads that causes trouble to the user but when he sees the end result he will forget the re-occurrence of ads.

What is the benefit of using SnapTik?

The first and foremost benefit of SnapTik is that it download watermark free videos that can be sued on other social media platforms for re-posting. It also enables you to achieve HD videos without paying a single penny to the developers.

Snaptik can also be used to download video from other social media platforms as well that will help the users to increase their user base.



Where can I find saved TikTok videos on my Personal Computer

The downloads on your PC are automatically saved to the default download folder. In order to view your downloaded items you need to press Ctrl+J for Windows and Shift+Command+J for Mac, that will you cane easily access your videos on your computer

Does the SnapTik app keep a copy of videos?

No, the best part about SnapTik is that it doesn’t save user’s history infact. It is popular for keeping the identity anonymous for all the other users. Hence, there is no downloading history on SnapTik.

What devices are compatible with the in-built Downloader?

Bear it in mind, SnapTik is compatible with all the devices and operating system it is not just meant for PlayStore. In fact, it can be used by all users belonging to different devices, be it; iOS, Android,  macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. It works best for everyone.

Does SnapTik Work?

Yes, no doubt. I have tried and tested it multiple times and SnapTik works like a magic. It is a magic pill for TikTok enthusiasts who are actively looking to download videos without watermark so it can be shared further.


SnapTik is the best tool to download videos from Tiktok, it enables you to download high quality without any effort. In comparison with other tools, SnapTik is definitely the best due to its speed, features and easy-to-use interface.

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