Tips on Where to Install Your UV Disinfectant Light

A UV disinfecting light helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms from a space. To do this well, however, the disinfectant light must be positioned so that its UV rays reach all possible surfaces. The distance between the fixture and surfaces will determine how long it will take to disinfect.

Places To Install UV Disinfecting Light

Place UV disinfectant light installations in environments where many people touch a surface. Examples include bathrooms, locker rooms, kitchens, waiting rooms, daycare centers, hospitals, and schools. You can install a UV disinfectant light in commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural facilities. You can also install it in or around different types of assets and devices.

Some examples include:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Dishwashers
  • Drink dispensers
  • Filters (for example, swimming pool filter cartridges)
  • Furnaces/HVAC systems (including air ducts)
  • Float switches for sump pumps
  • Humidifiers
  • Water heaters
  • Conveyor belts in food production facilities
  • Food processing equipment (such as coolers)

Choosing a Location

Choose a location that allows the UV disinfecting light to reach as much surface area as possible. If you want to disinfect a particular room, expose the entire room by removing clutter and any items that could get in the way of the main surfaces. UV light fixtures in these environments will prevent people from transferring germs to other areas. 

Don’t choose a location where the UV lamp is not exposed. Place it above or next to a surface that will not obstruct its light. There should also be enough distance between the light and where people will stand. Do not place the lamp on top of any fabric.

If the room is small and cluttered, your UV disinfecting light may not reach everywhere. Move your light closer to the object or area you want to disinfect. If you place it in a large, open-spaced room, it should be in the center so that the entire room gets enough coverage from your UV light.

Safety Considerations 

The safety considerations for UV disinfectant lights resemble those of regular light bulbs. Use UV light only on clean, dry surfaces free of dust or debris. Do not touch the surface with your bare hands after using the UV disinfectant light. This can cause skin irritation or burns if you come in contact with the surface. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. 

Try to install the light in a place that will not get in the way of people walking. This could be on a high spot on the wall or on a countertop that is not frequently used. To confirm that your light fixture and bulb are compatible, measure the tube length. You can also check the specs. Compare them to the dimensions provided in the product description. Use compatible bulbs for the best results.

Tips To Get Effective Sterilization

An effective sterilization rate depends on your chosen device’s power output. It also depends on the distance between the light source and the item.  Proximity and intensity can determine how long treatment must last. You can get up-to-date recommendations from your manufacturer about this information.

UV light is a great way to protect your products from contamination. But there are some things you should know before you start using it. If you follow these tips, you will get the most out of your UV disinfectant light:

  • Always have enough space for the UV disinfectant light.
  • There should be enough electricity available for the UV disinfectant light.
  • Prevent any water from leaking into the area where you place this product. 
  • Don’t use UV lamps on any kind of food product.
  • A protective glass should cover the light so it doesn’t damage users’ eyes.
  • Use only approved bulbs for disinfection to avoid burns and injury to your skin or eyes.
  • Always read the manual before using any UV equipment.

If you want effective sterilization, the UV disinfectant light is the perfect tool. It helps kill bacteria, viruses, and more on hard surfaces like floors and countertops.


An effective UV disinfecting light helps kill germs and can keep the people in your facility or home safe and healthy. You can use it on a wide range of surfaces, and it’s a great way to create clean, healthy spaces for all the people in them.

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