20 Adventure Activities


Top 20 Adventure Activities You Must Try

Dubai is indeed one of the most fascinating cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It stands as one of the most outstanding holiday destinations all across the globe zipline and birthday party packages. The beautiful topographic landscape of Dubai city makes it the number one place to be the centre of numerous exhilarating and delighting sports.

Here are the top 20 outdoor adventure activities and birthday party packages that you must not ignore to indulge in and make your vacations the most memorable time of all:

1. Snorkelling zipline and birthday party packages

Snorkelling is one of the most sensational activities with the Persian Gulf caressing Dubai shores. It offers a thrilling experience of Dubai’s rich marine life with vibrant fish amongst spiky sea trenches.

2. Sandboarding

Sandboarding is indeed a stimulating adventure for individuals more than 13 years of age. It’s really fun to glide and slide down the sand dunes of Dubai’s deserts, such as from the 100-meter height of Al Hamer.

3. Paddle Boarding

Paddlesports is perfect and smooth for those who have just a mild fondness for water sports. It offers a board which is capacious enough to make balancing easier.

4. Skydiving zipline and birthday party packages

Enjoy falling-free from 13,000 feet high at a speed as fast as 200 kilometres per hour. To enjoy this adventure, one has to be 18+ with normal weight.

5. Bungee Jumping

The Bungee jumping adventure happens in the Dubai gravity zone. It is best for people above the age of 14 and less than 120 kilograms in weight.

6.  Shark Diving

Dubai Mall Aquarium is home to thousands of marine creatures, including the shark. Enjoy diving in a completely safe cage along with Scuba Diving.

7.  Micro lighting

Micro lighting is a lightweight fixed-winged 1-2 seater aircraft that flies for 15 minutes and lands at slow speeds, making it an enthralling activity for 14 plus people.

8.  Jetovator zipline and birthday party packages

It is an incredible offbeat adventure sport in Dubai. It includes riding a water sports device looking like a bicycle on the JBR Beach making it ultimate fun.

9. Indoor Skydiving zipline and birthday party packages

Dubai offers exciting indoor skydiving at a height of 3M above the ground. It is made secure via safety gear and attended by an expert to guide you.

10. Deep Sea Fishing

With Deep Sea Fishing adventure, you can catch some exotic sea species and can even cook them on the yacht. If you love fishing, this adventure is a must-try.

11. Dubai Helicopter

This activity takes you in the air to capture the beauty of Dubai. You can capture mesmerising views of the coastline, and the skyline, fly over skyscrapers and enjoy the rising and setting sun.

12. Dubai Seaplane flight

Amongst coastlines and skylines, this fun activity is the most adventurous of all. Get accompanied by your loved ones on it.

13. Quad Biking zipline and birthday party packages

Exploring the desert with quad biking is real fun where you can truly bash the dunes. Moreover, it only takes a couple of minutes to learn. There may be to gift or loved ones is the best place for memorable moments.

14. Dune Buggy

The Dune buggies are desert exploring machines that go down in the desert for adventurous dune bashings. This gives you chance to bash at the dunes and experience thrill at its best.

15. Desert Safari

The desert safari takes you on a roller coaster ride across the Arabian desert. It makes you experience the thrill and thunder of the desert.

16. Dune Bashing

In dune bashing, you get a chance to hop on a big monstrous SUV and ride on top gear at lofty speeds and bash the dunes that come on your way.

17. Skiing

Dubai owes one of the largest indoor ski parks at Ski Dubai, located at Sheik Zayed Road. It’s ideal for individuals above the age of 3.

18. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is an incredible water activity that comprises using finesse & getting over a wakeboard during the initial lift. It turns out to be best manageable the moment you’re out of the water.

19. Hot air balloon

Experience an early morning view of the Dubai skyline, the Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and the vast coastline. This activity gives the best enjoyment with the sun rising.

20. Zip lining and birthday party packages

Feel yourself like a Tarzan and fly in air from a height of 1,800 ft above the ground via the Zipline near me  at a speed of 60-70 km/hr. Enjoy zip lining at the two best spots: Dubai Marina XLine and Dubai Fountains.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets for Dubai and try your hands on these activities.

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