Top 5 Applications of Java with Real-world Examples?

Many times Java has been call the queen of programming languages, and it is consider one of the most prefer languages for the development of software developers. Around three billion devices use Java for growth with the latest technological advancements. It provides too much flexibility to run on any machine.

Also, it is a significant component of the development of applications & the advancement of substantial technologies. That is why many students are learning this language for their future careers. But when they join any java course, they always need java assignment help to complete their assignment. Many students do not have a proper understanding of java concepts, and some do not have any prior experience in making java assignments.

If you are also making a java assignment and want to learn about the application of Java then this article is for you. Here we will discuss the actual – practical uses of Java:

Practical uses of java programming language with examples

Currently, around the world, more than a billion phones are implement in this language. Each blue-ray player uses the Java programming language, and every big corporation uses this language one way or another way. For example, the Google doc application was develop by Google through the java programming language. Let’s discuss its more practical use:

  1. Desktop GUI application:

Maximum desktop applications are develop by using this language. There are a lot of APIs like Java FX, Swing & AWT to build these applications. They are the interfaces which are use for the development of window-base applications.

SWING is another GUI toolkit that provides various sections like trees & tables, tabbed panels, etc. On the other hand, Java FX is also work on same concept. It is also use for the development of window-based applications. But it is different from Swing & AWT. Get a java assignment help to know more about it.

  1. Used as Mobile application:

It is the same application which is used for mobile phones & tablets. Nowadays, most phones use Android, and for the Android development, you need java programming. This language is also compatible with the Android studio & Kotlin. Examples of these apps are: Netflix, Google earth, Uber calendar etc.

  1. Enterprise use of Java:

Due to its robust features, Java has become first choice for developing enterprise applications. In today’s time most companies are working on the applications that are made by the java language because it has been considered the secure, robust & scalable language.

Companies like oracle said that 97% of applications use Java to develop large-scale software. It also has an API by the name Java EE that provides large-scale, reliable, distributed & secure network applications. Mostly Java runs inside the java virtual machine, thus helping prevent the security beaches. This is why most banking applications are made up on the java platform. Companies like Uber, TCS, HCL, Pinterest and eBay used Java. Seek the university assignment help to know more about it.

  1. Scientific applications:

Because of the features provide in the language, it is use to develop scientific applications. Such applications use mathematics for doing their operation.

  • It has become the best choice for writing scientific applications which involve mathematical operations & scientific calculations. It also provides a fast & secure platform.
  • It also has powerful mathematical calculations that give different platforms the same results.
  • Powerful scientific applications like Matlab use Java for the front-end & back-end parts. Seek the java assignment help to know more about it.
  1. Used as Web-based applications:

It is a client-server program convey through the browser interface. It also helps in the development of  applications which uses of JSP & JS, spring and web servers like Resin, adobe JRun etc.

The application used for e-Commerce purposes also uses Java through open-source e-Commerce platforms. It also provides easy coding & high security with several applications like health, social, safety and, education etc. Seek university assignments help to learn more about it. Examples of web-based applications are Google sheets, Gmail, Slides etc.

So, these are the practical applications of Java. There are also many other advantages, for which you need java assignment help. If you are confuse about the right platform, we suggest you choose Online Assignment Expert. They have many experts who have significant experience in guiding students who learn Java, and they have already helped thousands of students who learn Java in college. Their services include 24/7 availability, one-to-one assistance, academic writing training, etc.

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