Top 7 Easy Gatlinburg Hiking Trails for Beginners

Many hiking routes are available to visitors on a Gatlinburg trip. Some of the most popular Gatlinburg hiking trails are also rather long, which may not be suitable. Therefore, apart from these long hikes, we’ve mentioned the top 7 easy Gatlinburg hiking trails for beginners here.

Laurel Falls

Among the few paved hiking pathways in the Smokies is near Laurel Falls. It’s one of the most accessible walks in the Smokies, with a hefty payout. On hot days in the Smokies, Laurel Falls is a favorite path for families with little children who love exploring the magnificent mountain greenery and swimming in cold stream waters. This paved Gatlinburg hiking trail offers a somewhat flat surface for walking, which is ideal for senior hikers. However, because most of the pavement has worn down over time, there are some uneven patches. Another danger to be aware of is that when the pavement is moist, it might become slippery. There are also some times of steady ascents that might be strenuous. Laurel Falls, on the other hand, is a fairly accessible hiking path that attracts a large number of people to the Smokies every year!

Fighting Creek Nature Trail

This Gatlinburg hiking trail is a pleasant, simple trek in the Smokies. It is flat and on a well-maintained track, making it ideal for a relaxing stroll through the woods. The walk runs alongside a small creek, which gives calming noises as well as the sounds of singing birds. You’ll never be too far from Gatlinburg or the Visitors Center on this simple walk, but it’s a lovely spot to stop and unwind in serene nature. Hikers will come to a divide in the route if they continue on the paved route into the woods. Hikers can access the Gatlinburg Route by taking the route to the right, but the Fighting Creek Nature Trail may be reached by using the rough trail on the left.


Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail

The only disability-accessible path among all the Gatlinburg hiking trails is a nice circular walk hike near Gatlinburg. The entire half-mile Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail is covered in well-kept concrete, allowing wheelchairs and other assistive devices to pass. This stroll is very flat and located near Gatlinburg. The loop passes through a beautiful region of forest with numerous noteworthy features. Visitors may also pick up a pamphlet that will guide them on a tour of this trail. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the Smokies’ history, ecology, and wildlife!

Gatlinburg Trail

The trail begins at the Sugarlands Visitor Center and leads walkers past the current Old Chimney near the Gatlinburg Trail Headquarters of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a lovely stone edifice built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. From here, the trail runs alongside a road that takes hikers past numerous other Park Service administration facilities. Hikers will enjoy a magnificent mountain stream in a magnificent woodland setting on this Gatlinburg hiking trail. Hikers will come to the ruins of an old cabin about 1.5 miles into the trail.

Little Brier Gap Trail (Walkers Sisters Place)

Hiking, as well as history, come together on this one of the top easy hikes in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Walker Sisters were among the last survivors of the invasion of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They refused to sell their 123-acre farm to the national park, allowing them to continue living in the mountains until the 1960s. The Gatlinburg hiking trail, which is only 2.6 miles long, follows the stream and is a wide, generally flat hike. You’ll also see an antique farmstead and a historical schoolhouse.


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Quiet Walkways and Nature Trails

Short pathways labeled as quiet pathways and nature trails can be found around the park. These basic trails in Gatlinburg aren’t all in one place, but they’re still excellent short walks for novices. Many other paths in the Smokies are frequently crowded and it’s difficult to find a secure parking spot. These basic paths, thankfully, retain a low profile and are quite stunning. These peaceful pathways and nature trails are truly hidden jewels, and just because they don’t attract large people doesn’t mean they’re any less impressive. There are a number of peaceful trails in the woods that provide tranquility and a gorgeous setting.

Abrams Falls

Even though this journey is only 5 miles roundtrip, it is one of the most popular Gatlinburg hiking trails since the height gains are modest and the sight at the finish – Abrams Falls – is a delightful reward. On the ridges, the trail to the falls passes through pine-oak woodland, while below the creek, it passes through hemlock and rhododendron forest. The main falls are known for their massive amount of water, which compensates for their lesser height of 20 feet.

Go to any of these Gatlinburg Hiking Trails as they provide easy access to magnificent views such as waterfalls, panoramas, and historic cabins. Don’t forget to use discount codes to buy necessary items for your hiking trips. You can also read more reviews on to choose the right product at an affordable price.

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