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What Jobs are available after AAT level 2 Qualification

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the most well-known Professional Accounting group in the United Kingdom. AAT is a financial sector standard that most organisations look for when hiring for financial positions. Pitman Training is happy to collaborate with AAT to provide our students with the information needed to sit examinations and advance in accounting-related careers.

If you’re keen on a job in finance or accounting, obtaining an AAT Qualification will not only impress potential employers but will also open doors to your ideal career in finance. Our AAT courses will help you understand all of the prerequisites needed to enter the workforce and begin creating accounting reports.

What is AAT level 2 bookkeeping?

The Level 2 qualification provides the skills and knowledge required to manage books efficiently. It covers manual double-entry bookkeeping, as well as accompanying documentation and processes, up to trial balance.

Transactions in Bookkeeping

This subject exposes students to the double-entry accounting system and the papers and processes that go with it. Before any modifications are made, students will reach the stage of obtaining an initial trial balance.

It teaches students how to use a manual double-entry accounting system and solidifies for developing more complex manual and computerised operations.

The results of learning

Recognise financial transactions in an accounting system.

it would help if you processed Customer transactions 

Complete supplier transactions.

must process Receipts and payments 

Transactions are routed through the ledgers to the trial balance.

Controls for Bookkeeping

This unit covers control accounts, diaries, and payment mechanisms. Following initial revisions, it guides students through reconciliation processes and the usage of the journal to the stage of redrafting the trial balance.

It covers more complicated Foundation-level bookkeeping techniques, allowing students to grasp the link between accounting records better and consolidate their double-entry bookkeeping knowledge. Students will gain the necessary self-confidence to succeed, and the unit will prepare them for more responsibility.

The results of learning

Recognise the various payment options.

Recognise the controls in an accounting system.

Make use of control accounts.

Make use of the notebook.

Consolidate a bank statement and a cash book.

What are the prerequisites for level 2 bookkeeping?

The majority of students will begin at the Foundation level. Future Connect proposes that students begin their studies with a strong foundation in English and mathematics. You may use this certification to get a head start on the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting. They can also begin with any qualification based on their prior knowledge and experience.

What are the advantages of AAT level 2 bookkeeping?

Accounting AAT training can assist you in launching your career in accounting and bookkeeping. If you wish to advance in your accounting profession or become a qualified accountant without any prior job experience, this is the course for you. The AAT qualification is a great way to get started in your career.

AAT is a mark of excellence. AAT will assist you in developing fundamental bookkeeping skills. Accounting and bookkeeping degrees from AAT align with employer demand in today’s accounting and finance industries.

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential for any organisation; thus, employers value these abilities. As a result, there is a significant need for accounting and bookkeeping abilities in all industries across the UK. The practical and business-focused courses assist you in properly managing your accounts, budgeting, finance, and cash flow.

Fast-track path to other professional bodies: AAT credentials are highly recommended for advancing your dream job in chartered accountancy. As a result, it will be a fast track path to chartered accounting. The AAT qualification prepares you for future certifications.

Excellent return on investment for your ideal job: AAT certification classes are far less expensive than others. The AAT qualification is a commitment to improving your employment abilities. You will have the option to be put in a high-paying position in a corporation.

Please make the most of your professional gap: It doesn’t matter whether you have a hole in your qualifications and wish to continue your education. AAT credentials can help you enhance your skills and knowledge to pursue a professional career in finance and accounting. AAT certification will fill the gaps. It will improve your confidence in applying for accounting and financial employment.

AAT Level 2 jobs


Bookkeepers provide firms with a complete picture of their finances at all times. They preserve accurate and up-to-date financial records. They are also in charge of other responsibilities such as:

Invoices / Purchase Orders

Credit control and sales accounting

Administration of funds

Processing of data

Accounting for payroll

Prepare Financial Statements.

Assistant in accounting

Accounting Assistants assist the Accounting department. They carry out duties such as:

Transaction processing and recording

Must prepare Reports and budgets.

Serve as a liaison between clients and suppliers.

Checking the facts



Payroll Manager

Payroll Managers must be able to be someone in charge of the payroll staff.

They provide training and monitoring to guarantee that laws are followed.

Essentially, they have a connection with HR and deal with any payroll difficulties that employees may have.

Analyst in Finance

Financial analysts are often employed by banks, pension funds, insurance firms, and other organisations. 

They provide investment advice to corporations and individuals. The job also entails evaluating the performance of stocks, bonds, and investments.


The AAT qualification will provide you with new challenges and experiences and a gateway to various prospects. You do not have to be worried about your age; there is no minimum age restriction for AAT level 2 jobs.

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) professional accounting group has endorsed Future Connect for exceptional training and career assistance. AAT gives appropriate service to its pupils for them to have a successful career in accounting and finance. AAT courses adhere to the most current standards. It will assist you in launching your career in the accounting and finance fields.

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